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Where does my data go?

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Re: Where does my data go?

In many cases software does NOT do as its told (such as my Garmin GPS updater)

I posted this in an effort really as an example of the number of ways that devices and software can connect to a users network and use date without a users knowledge.

The more complex the "network" the greater the chance of software or hardware doing an end-around of users connection and consuming their data.

Sadly it is easier to believe that their ISP is "stealing" their data.

I surrender Smiley Sad
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Re: Where does my data go?

Don't give surrender! Background data bleed is real. I was only posting what I do to stop it.
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Re: Where does my data go?

Nothing to do with you BDSmiley Happy
Its a uphill battle with those that  .... have no desire to learn or understand.
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Re: Where does my data go?

If you surrender how can get the best advice? I need all the help I can get.
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Re: Where does my data go?

It's Eleven O'clock, do you know where your devices are? 

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Re: Where does my data go?

One of mine just said she was going on a date and got in a car with a sketchy looking iPhone. I'm gonna be up all night!

I loved those old TV public service

Re: Where does my data go?

Hibernation has always been a fine line. Personally, I have locked down my Nexus 6 and it has been great. You can set certain Wi-Fi networks to act like Cellular when it comes to "restricting data", which prompts alerts if an app wants to do a large download, use Data Saver mode (prevents some apps from downloading/uploading in the background, you can unrestrict specfic apps manually), keep Wi-Fi on/off during sleep (consider setting to off), disabling push notifications, setting e-mail retrieval to manual, restricting auto-sync for photos, videos, music, books and certain Google Play store apps that like to sync to Drive.