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Where's my bytes?! Testing for data leaks

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Where's my bytes?! Testing for data leaks

Hello Everyone!

We just wanted to leave a friendly reminder for all to give you a simple way to test for leaks and what to do if you've got a little data vampire hiding in your network. The instruments of today's modern communication can also be little buggers if you've got a data cap home ISP or cell phone plan. If you're like me, sometimes 500MB a month for your phone is gone on day one watching funny animal videos on YouTube in just about 15 minutes.

Here in the community, we've tried a lot of different home remedies, but nothing works better than the good ol' isolation test. Below we have some easy-to-follow graphics that will get you started on your journey to capturing your data hog.

First - follow these instructions to the "T"! It is very important that this part is done right. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (11).png

Second, we've got an example to show you. The meters are not exactly the situation you might be in (getting your data back instead of losing it), but this is just what we, the reps, want to see!
p.s. You don't need put the timestamps on it, just let us know what time and date you took the pictures and we'll be happy!



You'll probably see the same thing everyone else has after doing this test. The meter doesn't move! What does this mean? It means somewhere, someplace in your network, there is a device sneaking some extra bandwidth out the back door.
Now, the fun investigative part for you. Let's find that scoundrel!

1.) Plug in one device at a time, or only use one WiFi device at a time.
2.) Be sure all apps, windows and "extras" on your computer, phone or table are closed
3.) Begin your normal browsing habits, but keep an eye on that status meter!

Does it spike when you open iTunes? Missing a chunk to Instagram? Be aware of what is data intensive. Pictures, music, GIFs & Vines seem harmless, but they can put a dent in your data gas gauge. Our community members have highly recommended GlassWire to help you monitor your historical data usage since we currently don't have that feature.


Be cautious with ads too! Our members have recommended installing ad-blocking plugins for your browser, for those times that you want to take the scenic route but keep the needle steady.

Make sure your modem or router is not plugged into your DISH or DirecTV on-demand or set top box. If it is plugged into a Smart TV or Roku type device, disconnect that too. Set a WiFi timer on your router with the help of our Home Tech Support (or your router manufacturer) to make sure the kids aren't downloading all their favorite homework-related-ebooks  when it should be bed time.

If you've done this test and you've still got questions or just want to show off that you, the mighty hunter of data hogs, have captured the culprit... start a new thread!

Thanks !

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