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Where's the speed????

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Where's the speed????

Wow, I was just activated a day ago and it is soooooo disappointing.  The salesman was so slick and had me check my speed with previous provider and 2 free speed checks showed barely over 5Mbps (with a 10Mbps contract).  Today that 5 is down to 2.8!!!!  9 times slower than I was told.  Sending a simple 2-sentence email takes 5sec.  Watching a video has to stop and load every 2-5min!!  This happens with my Netflix now, too.  I create online courses and this is destructive!!  The Hughesnet tech was courteous and spent over 15min with me, but there was no change.   Why should I be held liable ($600 to cancel after installation) for a contract when the provider doesn't provide???

Am I the only one with this problem??  PLEASE give me back my old 5Mbps 😞  

Is there any Hughesnet personnel that can help me???