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Why The Change from to

I registered with speedtest and ran two tests.  Both were 45+ Mbps down and .75Mbps up 😮  Why the change?  How many MB does the download speed test use?  We had a choice on testmy and were advised to use the 25MB test.  But I have no idea how much data I'm wasting with and see no way to choose.  What was wrong with testmy?

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I'm not exactly sure what was wrong with Testmy or whether it's still wrong.  Speedtest is completely unreliable in my case, so I don't use it. 

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Something is (or at least was) going on with testmy over recent weeks that has been skewing test results, and sometimes considerably.  I don't know whether the fault of the issue was with Hughes or testmy, but something clearly changed that made the results unacceptable.  With this said, it seems that the problem may, in fact, be resolved, as testmy seems to be performing the tests properly again, though that's only my opinion.  


As for speedtest, it's really dependant on the speed you're getting, as in the higher your speed the more data it's going to use, but it seems to be a lot.  


I started a thread concerning this very issue...

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