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Why is Gen5 using way more data that Gen4 ever did?

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Re: Why is Gen5 using way more data that Gen4 ever did?

Hi mmollinet, this certainly isn't cable internet like Comcast. It is a capped service similar to cell phone data. Streaming in 1080p will eat through your data in short order, even 50 GB. Best to stream at 360p or lower definition. Even then can't do it 24/7, 12/7, or even 8/7 for the entire month. A 360p definition show uses about  700 MB per hour mininum. I'm sure you can do the math when it comes to hours per month at 50 GB cap.


That is if you do nothing else on the ineternet.


Sorry, not saying you are lying but no way you used only 700 MB in a day streaming several 1080p movies. Most of those run at least about 2 GB each. Maybe 1.5 GB depending on the comprsession being used by the provider.


Re: Why is Gen5 using way more data that Gen4 ever did?



Yes, I am fully aware of that, I am not computer illiterate.  Perhaps you didn't read my entire message.  I know this is capped data and not limitless like with Comcast or CenturyLink. But if you read my message, you would clearly see that I am not attempting to stream HD movies 24/7 or even use the internet 24/7.  If you looked at my entire message, you would see that I clearly stated this is a vacation home that is only used maybe 6 days a month total and that over the past 4 years with Gen4, we NEVER used more than 20 GB a month doing EXACTLY the same activities we have done so far since upgrading to Gen5. We generally only do some basic email, a little time web browsing, and Facebook.  We have not yet, but do wish to watch maybe 5 movies a month.  That is why we upgraded to the 50 GB plan and are willing to spend over $140 a month for internet at a vaction home. Even at 1080p HD, 50 GB should be perfectly adequate for that when it is only used 6 days a month.  If you looked at my message you would see that I mentioned that despite heavy daily usage on Comcast the remaining 24 days a month at our primary residence, we NEVER use more than 100 GB a month ( at any time over the past year).  Again, I did in fact monitor this with Gen4.  With Gen4 a single 2 hour 1080p HD movie was about 5 GB of data.  This is in line with what I have seen should be data usage for a 1080p HD movie.  With Gen5 that same type of movie and same length was over 7 GB.  So something is clearly wrong.  

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Re: Why is Gen5 using way more data that Gen4 ever did?



I am one of the authors of some of the long winded posts you referred to earlier.


The Internet is in a constant state of change. Our activities many remain the same but certain website behaviors may change overnight.


Case in point:

My homepage is, it gives me a quick "news-fix". It has changed over the years but lately there have been some changes that really chew up the data if not addressed in some way.


If I use a stock version of IE11, no active extensions at all, and I click on certain news links in many cases a video will auto-start. I can click on the pause to stop the apparent video from downloading and continue to read the article only to have the same video restart automatically. At the same time it is downloading another video further down the webpage. The net result here is a massive increase in the amount of data used to read a news article compared to the same activity even from last month to this month.


Then we have another Nasty, HTML5 video pre-fetch .... even with video Auto-Play turned off, unless you have installed a specific browser extension to block it ... Your browser will download HTML5 video content in the background so as to be available "just-in-case".

You are NOT going to be aware of this behaviour unless you have taken certain steps to see just what it is that is using your data.


Now, I am NOT saying that there isn't issues with the way Gen5 calculates data and that issue is being investigated, but you simply have to have more to go on than guesswork, supposition and suspicion.


A router that tracks data per device, per defined usage period and per application will very quickly determine if there are security issues, both wired and wireless, within a Network including vulnerabilities that you may not be aware of.


Using GlassWire as a tool to get a VERY detailed report on what programs, processes and applications are using data is not a difficult and time consuming process. There are users here in the Community that can help you by simply posting a screenshot.

The effectiveness of browser extensions can be determined and tweaked through the use of GlassWire.

You don't have to become an expert in the use of these "tools" as there are those of us that will assist, but you have to be sure that "all is right" on your end of the Network connection.

There are just so many ways for data to be used and websites are in a constant state of change.








Re: Why is Gen5 using way more data that Gen4 ever did?



Yes, all good points. I fully realize things change over time and that many websites have auto load features now for video, which increases data usage. But again, my point is that this changed dramatically when comparing the week after the upgrade to Gen5 compared to the week before on Gen4.  Things didn't change that quickly.  Yes, I understand that it may be helpful to gather evidence through something like Glaswire. But given that there seem to be many people having this issue, enough so that the HughesNet moderators have said their engineers are looking into it, that the burden should be on HughesNet to troubleshoot the problem, not the customers.

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Re: Why is Gen5 using way more data that Gen4 ever did?

I have also experienced much higher rates of usage and am only in my second month of GEN5. I am not PC savvy so my simple calculation is % days passed (or remaining) divided by full period compaired to usage passed (or remaining)divided by Total usage allocation.

My usage with Gen 4 over many years never exceeded the 10 gig allocation and in most cases was substantially less.This must have included many internet changes as well as the upgrade to WIN10 last year. In this, my second month I have used almost 10gig to this date. No changes in myhabits, no Virus program (use defender), no streaming and Hughes Router. 

One interesting event, during my first month I noticed that my usage after a few days reset to "0" . This happened on several occasions. Since there is no free lunch, I wondered if this was to discourage my cancelling during the initial 30 day period.

 If usage under Gen 5 was to be that much greater it should have been "up front" info in the initial sales presentation.

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Re: Why is Gen5 using way more data that Gen4 ever did?



First, the data resets.  During your first twenty days of service your data is reset constantly.  This is done as a courtesy to allow new customers, or those upgrading from a legacy plan, to update/upgrade their devices to current without it affecting what would be their normal monthly data alottment.  Doing those things can use a LOT of data, especially if they are devices that have not been connected in a long time.  It's not meant to mislead anyone about how far their data will go, and it is alluded to in the Welcome email sent by Hughesnet. 


Now, Gen4 vs Gen5.  I, too, have noticed that data usage seems to be more with Gen5 than Gen4.  This can always be due to a number of things, but, in the most basic terms, at least for me, I seem to use more for the same things.  But, with this said, and again, I'm only speaking for myself, I've tested what I've actually used, both with Glasswire and my own 3rd party router, and I've never been "charged" for more data than I've actually used with Gen5.  It just seems that the "Smart Technologies" used with Gen4, such as data compression, may have been a little "smarter" than with Gen5.  But, with that said, it may also be that some things needed to change in order to be able to provide a faster and more sophistocated level of service, including the Video Data Saver.  Again, this is only my speculation, and I don't represent Hughesnet. 

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Re: Why is Gen5 using way more data that Gen4 ever did?

Same problem here.  Wish I had never upgraded to Gen 5.  Newer is NOT always better.  Does no good to have 20GB replacing 10GB if it sucks it up twice as fast and the service is no faster.  I was very happy with Gen 4, but I truly hate Gen 5.  


It apparently caused a jave script break in the usage meter.  Any attempt to download a new one comes already broken.   Hughesnet Status Meter.gif

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Re: Why is Gen5 using way more data that Gen4 ever did?



Please see Corrosive's reply (the third post) in the following thread regarding ths Usage Meter JavaScript error.  It may open on his reply.  The post marked as the solution is incorrect, so again, please see Corrosive's reply, as this contains the correct solution.

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Re: Why is Gen5 using way more data that Gen4 ever did?


Q: Usage Meter JavaScript error.
Q: My Usage Meter doesn't have the correct history information.

Under some circumstances, the configuration and cached information that the Usage Meter needs to operate gets corrupted.

In the event that this happens:
1. Fully quit the Usage Meter from it's own menu by clicking on the donut in the menubar and clicking "Quit".
2. Look for the following directory
   Windows: C:\Users\[your User name]\AppData\Roaming\
   Mac: /Users/[your User name]/Library/Application Support/
3. Carefully delete just the "HughesNet Usage Meter" directory under that and empty the trash.
4. Restart the Usage Meter. This will regenerate all the underlying information as if it were run for the first time, thus correcting the error.

Disregard other recommendations that say to uninstall and reinstall the app and/or update Java as those do absolutely nothing to fix the problem. Uninstalling doesn't delete the directories above. Likewise, the application is written in JavaScript which is completely separate from Java, which of itself is a stand-alone runtime environment.

The only reason you should possibly uninstall something is if you are not running the current version, have inadvertently deleted part of the application, or have the older "HughesNet Status Meter" still installed. Uninstalling the older Status Meter and using the most recent version of Usage Meter is highly recommended.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Re: Why is Gen5 using way more data that Gen4 ever did?

Same thing here and I"ve been scrolling through all posts and replies now for 3 hours this morning trying to find the answer. Totally worthless to upgrade and wishing I hadn't as this seems to be a big mistake. Doesn't do any good to have faster speeds and more data if you use 3x a much for the same behaviors. Does anyone have an answer ?