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Why is my internet so slow


Re: Why is my internet so slow

Hello Evan,

Welcome to our community. We were unable to locate your account and investigate for you, but I am glad to know you found the cause of the slow speeds. Our Fair Access Policy is part of our data allowance program, which is different in size for every service plan. With most ISPs, your service has a limited amount of data (like on cellphones) and it is possible for you to run out of this data before your new cycle begins. If you have recently been installed, your data should reset every month.

As sgoshe stated, you can purchase tokens from our website, by calling our support line: 1-866-347-3292 or using your Status Meter. Regardless, just because you have gone over your monthly data, we do not charge you anything extra.

Purchase Tokens:
Download the Status Meter:

Thank you

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Re: Why is my internet so slow

 And are there any unlimited plans? I would rather not have to deal with buying tokens every time I run out of Data.
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Re: Why is my internet so slow

Alright thanks for the help
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Re: Why is my internet so slow

If you are less than 30 days of your install and you are experiencing FAP, You might want to consider a higher $ plan, or cancel your service. If you are a heavy gamer, a satellite connection may not be best suited for you. You can cancel within 30 days and not be charged an ETF. however if you consider doing so, you want to get the ball rolling ASAP