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Why is my speed so bad??

New Member

Why is my speed so bad??

Ok so I know that I overran my monthly limit of 15gb but the speed reduction has been insane I literally ran a speed test and I was running 1 kb/s I know I went over the monthly limit but that slow a speed is just plain bad. I am pretty sure I read somewhere that it would only slow to like 120 kb/s but it is now like nonexistent. I would be happy at 120 kb/s but 1 kb/s not so much.

Re: Why is my speed so bad??

Good morning Will,

Thanks for posting, I'd like to address your concerns. Please remember that whether in FAP or not, speeds are not guaranteed. I was able to pull up your account and I see you're not yet registered for the Support Center: I highly suggest you register so you can monitor your data usage and manage your tokens there. Your data resets in just two days on the 25th, and I see you do have plenty of tokens available to you if you wish to use them.

Once you are no longer in FAP, if you feel that your speeds aren't to your satisfaction, we can further troubleshoot. At that point, please connect your computer directly to the modem and run some speed tests for us to evaluate. Please run a set of 5 speed tests 3 times over the course of a 24 hour period for us to properly evaluate your speeds. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated, and we look forward to hearing back from you.

Speed test:

Please create a new thread in the community if you have a question or need help. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.