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Will someone please help

I am currently in a differect post where I thought I was being 'helped'.....but sadly there was one reply and then the hughs net representatives that were 'helping' went MIA. So I thought since the hughs net phone numbers that were left on my voice message don't work, and the other post doesn't seem interesting to them, maybe I can receive help by posting a new post would some one PLEASE help

Try this number 1-866-347-3292. However, I called on 4 separate occasions, was told I would get a call back twice...never received any. I was also told there were no supervisors available to talk to me (when the support person couldn't do anything).

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It does seem that the ball may have been dropped in dealing with your issue.

One reply by @Amanda in your previous topic stated:


               Amanda, Official Rep

Good morning msulieman,

Sorry about this - looking at your original post I believe I may have interpreted it incorrectly. I can check and see if your sales call is available, however since you ordered over 5 months ago it may be too far out. I'll check and see with the sales group. Please note since we are moving to the new community tomorrow I will be proving the updates there, so be sure to check this link and your e-mail for a response.

Thank you
There never was any follow up posted other than perhaps a failed attempt to reach you by phone.
Your continued issues seem to cover a number of areas:
> Your statement that the service was not properly explained to you<
This one needs to be picked up by the Hughes Reps to see if your sales call can be found and reviewed. That may prove difficult due to the fact that you have had service for 5 months before reporting the issue.
All Hughes plan offerings have data caps and plan prices are based on the plan size selected.
The data caps mean that you have limited "fuel" to spend and streaming video is a very data intensive activity. While it (streaming) can be done, it must be done sparingly and with an eye on the usage meter.
The amount of data used during streaming can be reduced by lowering the resolution as others have stated. That wll help but it is not a cure all by any means.
Satellite internet is not for "cord cutters" and for good reason.
> Your other issues seemed to be centered on slow speeds and loss of data<
In many cases slow speeds and missing data are the result of background processes running on one or more devices connected to your network using data and diluting your bandwidth.
Getting control of this unintentended usage will leave more data for those activities you do engage in. While that is not a Hughes related issue it does effect your enjoyment of the service and there are those of us here in the Community that can help you in that regard.
First, lets see if we can get some follow up from Amanda on your sales call and perhaps a remote diagnostic test of your system.
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Here is your original post and best to continue there:

Some of us were trying to help you but has been 2 weeks since you last replied. Did you ever change your Netflix playback settings?

Here is how to do it:

With a 10 GB Anytime plan that means you will only be able to watch about 1 hour of Netflix on low definition per day during the month before using your entire allowance for the month. That's without doing much of anything else on the internet.

Yes I did check my Netflix playback, and the setting are set correctly