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Windows 10 updates to get smaller...eventually.

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Windows 10 updates to get smaller...eventually.

In a blog post today MS announced that they will be rolling out differential updates for Win10 devices. They say this can reduce update download sizes by as much as 35%. The bad news is that this feature is not set to roll out until the Win10 Creators update next spring.

Blog post here:

Interesting... I'll take it. Thank you for sharing!

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Larry Lockie
New Member

I don't buy Microsoft's lame try at appeasement. Just how hard can it possibly be to allow upgrade/update downloads at a time designated by the consumer, instead of trying every lame excuse in the book to say, "we are just trying to make it better".
It worked just perfectly in Windows 7, and I don't think I missed a single update, and didn't have to worry about My Data Bucket. What we need, is a oard of people taking the time to bury Microsoft in Complaints whis should be very easy to solve. Come on MS, get your head out of the sand.