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Windows 10 upgrade what do you think

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Re: Windows 10 upgrade what do you think

I do not know how good I am but I go in the the registry, software and find the software I do not want and delete that file/folder. 

Probably not right but that is what I was told. 
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Re: Windows 10 upgrade what do you think

Okay got it !!!! and thanks !!!  Gwalk900 !!!
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Re: Windows 10 upgrade what do you think

yes but careful as not to pull the wrong program  and Gwalk900  you said the wrong word to me !!!   ---  a good installer !!!!   that would not be myself  !!!!   i'm leaning but not ready for that one !!!
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Re: Windows 10 upgrade what do you think

with a system image , you are right , you are not changing but creating an image of your system and when that is being done i leave everything alone but others could fill you in on if you can do it in the background or not !!!  though you were going to down load that window 10 !!!
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Re: Windows 10 upgrade what do you think

I searched and found out how to create a system image but it did not state how long it would take. 

I remember when I got my external drives and I backed up everything weekly it would mess with my computer and Windows would not load. Took me several days to figure out the problem. Widows did not know if it should use the system on the c drive or the external hard drive. I changed and stopped doing a full back up. And just backed up what I wanted once a week. Then I figured it was easier to just save the info directly to the external drive and back that up via a cloud.  

If I can keep from saving on my c drive I do. But some things require items to be saved on the c drive (music for itunes)
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Re: Windows 10 upgrade what do you think


You asked how long does it take to make an image:

Loaded Question ..

It depends on how big the "engine" is in your computer, it depends upon how "big" the operating system and all installed programs are, it depends in part what "tool" you use to create the image, it depends in part onto what media the image is being copied to and in terms of "backup" just what kind of "backup" you are making.

Having said that ... lets define "backup"

There are three broad "backup" types and each has its place:

#1: Windows "System Restore": (this is an internal Windows function)

This one takes a "snapshot" of certain key system parameters and can offer at times a "one click undo".

It is somewhat limited in nature.

#2: Windows Backup and Restore: (this is also an internal Windows function but its "completeness" is dependent somewhat on which version of Windows you have)

Windows has the capacity to create a system image,

A system image is a complete compressed image of the complete operation system, it settings all installed software. The whole thing compressed as it is at the moment in time that the image was created.

That imaging process from within Windows can be automated  so that it occurs with whatever frequency the user desires.

It can be set to "record" the image onto a DVD(s), external drive or preferably a second internal hard drive.

If a second internal drive is installed the backup will happen at the scheduled time as a background process.

On a computer with a reasonably powerful processer (I5, I7) you won't even know it is happening.

I have my laptop set up to make a new disc image and write it to a second internal hard drive once per month.

One New Image Every Month.

#3: Windows also offers the ability to make an incremental file backup at what ever frequency you and your needs require.

I have my laptop set up to make a incremental file backup every day.

What is a incremental File Backup ?

It is the accumulated differences in a file from the last change to the present.

Someone mentioned a "image" getting old or stale.

Well, the state of your computer is the some total of: LAST SYSTEM IMAGE  + The last incremental file backup.

If you are a writer, you may wish for your incremental file backups to occur  ... every 15 minutes ...

If a total C drive failure were to happen, the purchase of a new hard drive loaded with the last (1st day of the month ?) system image and that being "brought up to date" with the contents of the last incremental image means that machine is up and running just as it was before the failure with no more than 15 minutes loss of data.

Now most people have no need for that frequent of a incremental backup but ... the addition of a second drive allows the entire process to happen without any though or intervention of the user.



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Re: Windows 10 upgrade what do you think

If you save on your C drive and you lose your C drive then you have lost all your backups including your factory recovery partition.

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Re: Windows 10 upgrade what do you think

I save to an external hard drive. Western Digital 3 TB. I have two. 
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Re: Windows 10 upgrade what do you think

This is my computer

System Manufacturer        Acer

System Model        Aspire 5733

System Type        x64-based PC

Processor        Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU       M 370  @ 2.40GHz, 2399 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

BIOS Version/Date        Acer V1.02, 4/20/2011

SMBIOS Version        2.6

Windows Directory        C:\Windows

System Directory        C:\Windows\system32

Boot Device        \Device\HarddiskVolume2

Locale        United States

Hardware Abstraction Layer        Version = "6.1.7601.17514"

Time Zone        Central Daylight Time

Installed Physical Memory (RAM)        4.00 GB

Total Physical Memory        3.68 GB

Available Physical Memory        263 MB

Total Virtual Memory        7.35 GB

Available Virtual Memory        2.11 GB

Page File Space        3.68 GB

Page File        C:\pagefile.sys

The reason I am getting a new computer. My internal hard drive is 500 GB with 282 GB free. But everything except programs & music is saved on my western Digital drive with music backed up to the Western Digital drive. Then all of that is backed up via MS OneDrive. 

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Re: Windows 10 upgrade what do you think

It is tough to find a laptop that can hold a second drive.

An external works but you have to remember to hook up external to make the backups.