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Windows 7 doesn't do Microsoft Updates!!

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Windows 7 doesn't do Microsoft Updates!!

I"m running Gen 4 on clones I've built at different times in my house; stock Windows 7 professional load.  It seems like it's "running" but nothing ever happens.  Not the way the computer is set up - I've built 3 in the past year and none of them will do the updates.  I even tried a different software load (Still Window 7, but from another vendor) and it still does not do the updates.


Without updates, it's not safe to use my computer; so why pay money to Hughesnet every month?  Everything else works fine.


Anybody have a work around for this problem?




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Re: Windows 7 doesn't do Microsoft Updates!!

you may want to repost this under Tech Support. It will have more visibility there.

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Re: Windows 7 doesn't do Microsoft Updates!!

Agreed that this should be reposted in tech support.


With that said, I used to update my folks' Windows 7 laptop for them as all they had was dialup at the time (they live across the street).  One day it just wouldn't update any more.  I tried, for many hours, over a few days, to get it working.  I never could.  I finally just upgraded it to Windows 8, then 8.1.  I already had a copy of Windows 8 available to use, so it's a bit different situation than yours, but I simply could not get it to update Windows 7 anymore.  This was sometime in late 2015 to early 2016.    

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Re: Windows 7 doesn't do Microsoft Updates!!

Also had it happen to my wife's laptop some time ago. Had to resort to a third party offline updater to get it working again.


Assuming the copies of 7 are legit and from reputable seller as to my knowledge official retail and OEM sale has ended for it.