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Windows was unable to connect to hug5g877362

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Windows was unable to connect to hug5g877362

I'm running Windows 7. My 

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller network card has driver version 7.67.1226.2012, which from what I can tell is the updated driver for this card.

My problem is that I have two listed connections when I click on the "internet access" button (lower right). One is listed as "hug2g877362" the other is listed as "other network". It used to say hug5g877362. I was told at the time of installation that the gen 2 was wireless and the gen 5 was the ethernet cable. And that I should connect my computer to the gen 5 as it is connected directly to the router. My computer is also wireless, but I believe the ethernet connection gives a faster connection so I would prefer that. When I try connecting to the "other network" it asks for the name of it which I put in as hug5g877362 and then asks for password. It comes back with Windows was unable to connect to hug5g877362 and the network goes back to being listed as "other network". Any advice or letting me know if my thinking is not as it should be would be greatly appreciated.