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Worst Internet Service EVER!!!

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Re: Worst Internet Service EVER!!!

How do u still have a job mordacious? You are rude!
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Re: Worst Internet Service EVER!!!

He does not work for Hughes.

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Re: Worst Internet Service EVER!!!

prince, tee has been offered help numerous times, but would just rather complain than actually do something to try to rectify the problems.  Instructions were given on what to start doing, but nothing.  When someone would rather complain, after receiving offers of help, it can get on people's nerves. 

And like Gwalk900 said, Mordacious does not work for Hughesnet. 

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Re: Worst Internet Service EVER!!!

You could always follow jenbeth5's advice and see what that gets you.
Hmmmmm, I'm beginning to sound like Bill. Lol