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Worst Internet option of all time: Part II


Re: Worst Internet option of all time: Part II



Good idea. Thanks.


Re: Worst Internet option of all time: Part II

I did get a site visit and I feel like the tech knew his stuff and did everything possible but in the end I still have the same slow speed. It seems to me that I should have more than one option for improving speeds but the truth is if I want faster speeds then my only option is to switch to Gen 5.

This is bait and switch.


I'm not going to upgrade because I am now exploring the use of a cell phone signal booster and a cell phone plan that would allow me to use a phone as a hotspot. Something happened over the winter, a cell tower upgrade perhaps, and I can now, sometimes, get LTE at my house. Hopefully a cell signal booster would bring the signal in at LTE all the time and if so then a $60 plan from MetroPCS for 32gb of data at 8Mbps is all I would need.

Still exploring this option and I really hope it bears fruit.


Best, Curtis

Assistant Professor

Re: Worst Internet option of all time: Part II

An outdoor high gain cell antenna might be even better.

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Re: Worst Internet option of all time: Part II

Hello Curtis,

I think the title you chose says it all: "Worst Internet option of all time"



You are on a system that is two generations old. (SP-3)

Your system performs poorly despite repeated truck rolls

You are off-grid and that brings up potential power issues that can happen with some equipment.

At some point SP-3 will either be defunct or used for other tasks

You are unwilling to upgrade to a Gen5 system.



Keep your present SP-3 platform knowing that its time is limited

Drop Hughes and take a chance on your newly found alternative

Keep Hughes for the moment and invest in and run the new system too.


Only you can determine the best course.

Around here, cellular is very spotty. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.









Re: Worst Internet option of all time: Part II

I'm joined at the waiste to Hughes until May of 2018.

I bought my equipment outright, and Hughes will not exchange for Gen5 modem, radio. To go with Gen5, I'd have to buy all the missing parts.

I will be gone most of the summer.

Very likely that I will be moving back into town in the fall.


The nice thing about having a cell signal booster is that I would have cell coverage when I'm here. This obviates a lot of the reasons why I needed Hughes in the first place.


The nice thing about MetroPCS is that I can pick it up and drop it as needed. No contract. 32gb at 8Mbps means I could stream Netflix,etc. I won't be switching my phone # over to Metro. I'd just be using them as a data source. Win/win for me.


HughesNet is an anachronism. They launched one satellite and everyone is all giddy. Space X will launch several thousand low orbit satellites in the next few years making low cost, high speed, low latency, internet access available to everyone on the planet.


Best, Curtis