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Worst internet service I've had in 20 years

New Member

Worst internet service I've had in 20 years

 When it storms, no service. When the wind blows, no service. When it snows, no service.  Constant changing of the residential agreement to hose over the customer. Have to reset the modem way too often. Even tried it without my router, still junk. If you move they require an approved installer come out and charge you hundreds of dollars. Horrible phone support. Talking to another country where English is NOT their strong suit SUCKS!!.  I tell everybody I can about my nightmare experience with Hughesnet. I don't have any case numbers because I get so mad I hang up before the idiot on the other end can get that far. If you can cancel my contract for FREE and send me a box for your "fine equipment", Please do!!

Re: Worst internet service I've had in 20 years

Hello Joe,

I see this is your first time here, so welcome to our community. We would like to get started assisting you with your performance concerns, but first need to locate your account. If you do not have any case numbers, the serial number on your HughesNet modem will help us locate the account. Afterwards, we will be able to run diagnostics and see if there are any inconsistencies with your signal strength or equipment in general. It is normal with satellite services for adverse weather to disrupt your signal, but minor things like wind blowing or light rain should not being affecting your connection, so we will want to ensure your dish is securely mounted and not swaying in the wind.
Just return with the serial number on the modem and we can get started.

Thank you,