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Yet another Gen5 Beam 55 customer with very slow speed

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Yet another Gen5 Beam 55 customer with very slow speed

I switched to Gen5 from Gen4 about a month after it was available back in the spring of 2017. It was amazing. I was getting higher than advertised speeds of around 30Mbps avg. around the clock. It was amazing coming from Gen4.

Now enter summer, speeds during prime time were slowing down considerably but other times were ok. I would say it was getting close to what the Gen4 service was like, during peak hours.

End of summer to now. It is definitely worse than Gen4 was. I basically can't watch video from noon to midnight, even at 144p without it buffering every 5 sec. Web pages load very slow. There is a very small window between 1am and 7am that I get anything above 20Mbps. It's pretty ridiculous when the speeds are less than 1Mbps for the majority of the day.

And this is all at full speeed, not FAP.

As far as hardware/software on my end, nothing has changed since I got Gen5. And it has worked wonderfully in the past. It just seems like there was a gradual decline to the point we are at now. I've pretty much gone through all the basic hoops to try and fix this with no luck. It's probably not on my end as I'm getting 20Mbps+ in the wee hours of the morning, so I know I'm capable of it.

Here is the speed test for the last few days. All done at full speed with no FAP except for the very last test at 7:26pm on Thanksgiving. As you can see the pattern pretty much follows the same routine every day which is typical for the last few months. Fine after midnight until the morning with a big decline from noon until midnight again.


Is Gen4 having problems like this now? I did not sign up for sub 1Mbps speeds from noon to midnight. Quite honestly I didn't expect the advertised rate of 25Mbps to hold up throughout the day or at all, I'd be happy with even half that. But less than 1Mbps non FAP, that is unacceptable. There obviously is a problem somewhere as I've now seen examples of people getting 30Mbps+ throughout the day and night. At least that gives me some hope that this can be fixed.

Thank you.