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Your speed is not too just think so...because you use HughesNet SpeedTest

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Your speed is not too just think so...because you use HughesNet SpeedTest

My contractor HughesNet repair guy was here today and told me that the HughesNet speed test program was totally defunct, and does not show true data.
On my system the HuhesNet SpeedTest shows 0.30 Mbps, whereas the real transmission speed from the Satellite is over 20 Mpbs.  A factor of about 100...
You would think that the HughesNet organization would realize this, and take their SpeedTest product off line. 
Their phone representatives insist you use it when reporting problems to them.  Go figure...
Another thing:  You have to make sure that you don't connect DirecTV to HughesNet since it eats up all the data allowance during the first few days of a month.
Same thing goes for Outlook, don't use it if you have HughesNet Internet Service, it will also quickly eat up all of your data allowance.
And then:  YouTube is not a good test for streaming.  It almost always buffers, and stands still for many seconds at a time.
You need to use Netflix or Hulu to check out streaming, to make sure there is no buffering and that the resolution is good. 
This needs to be done before the repair guy leaves your house, or you will never be satisfied with the HughesNet service.
Sophomore is very accurate. I have seen my connection drop to less than 0.3mbps before and it not pleasant. Even video on the lowest quality settings with youtube or netflix will be constantly buffering.

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Hughesnet's speed tests isn't totally defunct, and it often gives correct results, but it can be buggy at times.  As imalexdude suggested, and the reps here recommend and request to be used, is an accurate speed testing site.  To make sure your speed test results are accurate, you should use the 25MB manual test size when you test your download speed and the 4MB manual test size when you test your upload speed.  The Auto Test shouldn't be used.    


With that said, the Video Data Saver can affect streaming, especially when streaming in HD.  


What is the Video Data Saver?  

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