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Youtube simply doesn't work


Youtube simply doesn't work

I'm happy that my speeds are fixed and the uplink issues are over, and im sure ya'll are tired of seeing me make posts at this point. But my most used site now can't be used even when i have 1.5mbps download (which is more than enough for a basic 360p or 480p video)


I test on many different sites and all get around the same speed of 1-2mbps (i'm on FAP mode i know). But that should still be plenty for a video. 


I then look at youtubes stats and it says my connection speed is only between 50kbps and maybe 300kbps, along with the network activity being non-existant. This isn't a youtube problem, nor is it a my computer problem. So the only one left is the ISP.



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Re: Youtube simply doesn't work

It works for me.


First, once video starts to play click on the gear icon and select 360p or 480p resolution, not Auto.


Then pause the video for a minute and let the cache build up. I'm talking long videos like TV shows and movies.


YouTube does seem to be slower loading lately. Not sure who to blame though, HughesNet or YouTube. Maybe both.


Also need to realise the YouTube servers don't have infinite capacity, the slowdown could be on their side. Especially anything over 144p or 240p.


Re: Youtube simply doesn't work

I recognize that orange speed thing.  Did you get that off the Nerd stats on youtube?  I was messing with that one day and if you turn off the auto saver in back office of hughesnet you can get it to play better maybe.   Just keep same lower quality and it might play.   I am thinking of doing that.  Might be an issue with the data saver and youtube.  Smiley Sad  I never had this issue with gen 4.   I have also paused and let it catch up.  Hate doing that but it does work but seems to catch up again.


Just a thought


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Re: Youtube simply doesn't work

@val_t wrote:

I recognize that orange speed thing.  Did you get that off the Nerd stats on youtube? 

That thing's pretty cool.  I never knew it was there.  Watched a movie trailer in 1080p HD with the VDS turned off....



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Re: Youtube simply doesn't work

Yea and looking at yours just proove my point that youtube isnt functioning correctly on my system lol.