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can't access Treasury Direct

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can't access Treasury Direct

I get a "secure connection failed" error when trying to access from the latest version of Firefox.  Similar message when I use Chrome and Safari.  Tried deleting browsing history and cache, still did not work.  Called Treasury Direct customer service, they insisted that the problem is with my ISP, HughesNet.  Skeptical, I went to a coffee shop with a different ISP and was able to access the Treasury Direct site with no problems. 


What do I need to do to be able to access without going to the coffee shop first?  Thanks.



We went throught this problem last year and it took a while for the engineers to "fix it".  Well here we are again with the same problem.  I know it is frustrating for you to not get correct info from those who are supposed to deal with these issues.  I can go to a neighbor's and use their internet access (not Hughes) with my tablet and immediately gain access.  (Tablet wouldn't work on Hughes.)  So we know it is the Hughes system.  Please get it fixed and tell the engineers to keep it fixed.  It shouldn't happen again and again!



Please tell me how to disable IPv6 on my laptop.  I live in a very rural area and do not get cell phone service at the house so I cannot access my Treasury Direct account via my cell phone.  I am not a "tekky" person so I need step-by-step directions on what to do in order to disable IPv6.  I am using Internet Explorer if that helps.


Just like the previous posters, this is beginning to COST ME $$ since I cannot access my Treasury Direct account.


Thanks again for any help you can provide.



New Poster

I was able to "Google" how to disable IPv6 on my laptop and it worked!  I was able to access Treasury Direct.  Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.  While some did not work, this one worked for me.


Thanks  again!


I'd probably get kinda antsy if that were the case for me too @shardie1 ! Glad to hear you can get there now.


@BruceD - last year it does not appear that our engineers actually did anything to change the issue. Nevertheless, I will send your message to them.


Again if anyone needs assistance or further instructions on the IPv6 workaround please let me know.





Hi mo3,


I'd recommend following Option 2 in this guide as it is the most common way to disable IPv6:


@BruceD - what operating system are you using? If you are on a Windows computer/laptop be sure that you are disabling IPv6 on the adapter you are going to use (won't work if you disable IPv6 on your wireless connection but browse online with a wired connection)








I'd recommend following Option 2 in this guide as it is the most common way to diable IPv6:

@Thank you, @Amanda ... this solution worked for me.  As an aside, but perhaps related, every message in this thread has been relegated to my spam folder by gmail because "many messages from are spam."

Hi shardie1, maybe Gmail thinks that the amount you are receiving constituted as spam.. I've had many of my subscribed emails end up in junk/spam on Gmail simply because I received a lot but didn't open them all. Usually rewards points updates and coupons 🙂 There should be an option to mark them as "not spam" so they go into your regular inbox again.



   Just now I was able to access the Treasury Direct web site by disabling the IP6v AND then saving the new setting.  If you don't hit the save button, it won't work. 

   After conducting my business, I returned to the system control page and reset the IP6v to automatic AND then saved the changes.  It makes a world of difference if you SAVE the changes.

New Poster

Don't know of this problems solved yet? Spent 4-5 hours with Apple Sr Tech rep and tried eveything under the sun.  Conclusion Hughes Net is the problem. I can't figure out why can access almost every other site including US Treasury home page just not Apple decided it was a router problem with Hughes net. Very frustrated, anyone hear anything new?


Hi Nevada, have you tried the above workaround of disabling IPv6? 



Hi budgeta,


Can you tell me on what device you made the IPv6 change?



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