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cannot connect to hughesnet

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cannot connect to hughesnet

I have called Hughesnet numerous times about my service, I cannot connect or if I do connect, get dropped. After calling this time because of this issue and slowness of internet, CS told me if I didn't like it to drop the service. She insisted that my connection was fine with her diagnostics, but yet had to wait about 10 minutes for me to connect to hughesnet. She told me that my speed of 6052 was 52 over what they had to provide. I was on the phone 57 minutes first call, got dropped, again spent 47 minutes for her to do nothing and not solve problem. Ok, if they want me to drop my account, where do I send their equipment back to? She even told me they did not have any way of connecting with further support. What am I paying for? 
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Re: cannot connect to hughesnet

Good morning Beverly,
Welcome to the community! We were able to locate your account and are looking at your system to check the status. We apologize for the calls being dropped and we do not know the reason. We found that there is a pending call back from our technical support. Operationally your site looks fine, but there may be some weather factors affecting your performance at your location and at your hub. We apologize for the inconvenience. You may wait for the weather to clear and for the call back to see if your performance improves. If you need immediate help please call our support groups at 866-347-3292. We do not want you to drop your service, we will keep in touch with you with the direct call back from our support. Please feel free to report back on your status.

Thank you,