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data RIP OFF !!!!!!

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data RIP OFF !!!!!!

I used up my month of data and yes I agree with that as we had 4 devices sharing it. My issue is I purchased  tokens on 2 from 10/01/2015, 1 from 10/03/2015, and 2 from 10/05/2015 all were 2.0 GB which cost alot and each time they went away fast and NOT because of usage here. This last one was crazy it was used up in less than 30 minutes and there is no way in heck I used that searching google and chating with Hughesnet trying to get an answer were it all went. 
 Hughesnet gave me 5.0 GB to test my moden which I did and it was fine. That was yesterday and since then 4 of us have been on the internet watching videos and guess what I still have 3.8 GB left. So Please tell me how in the heck can 2.0 GB dissapear in less than 30 minutes with one person just using google to search and 4 of us watching videos since yesterday and I still have not used 2.0 GB? Here is my usage meter to show the dates I was ripped off with the token purchase from the 10/3 and on They ripped me off. Sorry the pic is upside down. I want my money back for the token purchases.
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Re: data RIP OFF !!!!!!

Is there any possibility of anyone in your house was watching something like netflix or amazon prime videos in HD? Are you running any computers with windows 10? or upgraded to windows 10, or possibly a kid or visitor of any sort that brought their own laptop to your house to do homework, the reason I ask about the last part is because computers running windows7, 8, 8.1 will automatically download windows 10 in the background just incase you decide to upgrade.

Re: data RIP OFF !!!!!!

Hi mcdowelrobin40,

Thank you for posting and welcome! There are many factors that could cause this. However as you stated if we at HughesNet gave you data to test your modem and you concluded that it was fine, then that only leaves it to something on your end that is using up the data. Depending on the other house hold members and their activities 2 GB can go very fast. The duration or how fast it goes typically does not make a difference. Data is data. Many users come to find that a data leaks usually come from a source they never thought of. Typically programs running in the background on your computer as Charles mentioned, app updates including iOS version updates and Android version updates. 

I would suggest downloading Glasswire on all computers that you have. It monitors and lists all programs running on the computer it is installed on, which one is using data, and how much data over time it has used. It can track up to a months usage for you. Many user have found this useful. I hope you do too.

As for tablets and phones they all have built in settings and programs to view what exactly is using data on them since many of them are used with a sim card and they are charged by how much they use. The great thing about tablets is that you can usually set limits on them as well. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to let us know.

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Re: data RIP OFF !!!!!!

I heard this data leak  talk and many other more things when I talked to a rep yesterday morning  and no, if you read my statement I did do nothing but search google right after I purchased 2.0 GB  in tokens and it was used up in less than 30 minutes of purchase and I was the only one here and on it searching google to find out why I so much data was going that fast  and now since I was given that 5.0 to test yesterday morning and using the internet since yesterday afternoon, and evening with 3 of us and sometimes four and all again today and as of now I still have 3.6 GB left and i did today watch several youtube videos just to see if it would use up the data.
 So please explain how that is and it only happens when I purchase tokens. any other time My data is normal and again when they gave me the 5.0 gb but only happens when I purchased tokens. NO WAY possible to use 2.0 GB in less than 30 minutes with one person on and only searching google. No windows 10 and all automatic updates off and nothing even hooked up online but me. No way possible. I was ripped off every single time I purchased tokens.  Look at the graph it Spikes way high only when tokens were purchased and that last huge spkie was for 30 minutes of usage for 2.0 GB and then it was gone that darn fast. 
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Re: data RIP OFF !!!!!!

as soon as my graph shows yesterday and today I will take another pic and post it to show. 
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Re: data RIP OFF !!!!!!

and btw it is possible to 10 GB in 30 min
at hughestnet's 10Mb/s plan it would take 30 min
ultra plan would take 15 min.

Check your computer for malware - malwarebytes is awesome
make sure your computer is not updating or syncing, windows has an option for a metered connection. check to make sure phones and tablets are not syncing. how many WiFi devices do you have? even if you are not using the device, if it is on it is using data. download glasswire to monitor your data usage.
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Re: data RIP OFF !!!!!!

here is todays graph and my data showing that I was ripped off. I do not have any issues on my end it's hughes net. That huge spike at the end of the graph was the 2.0 gb and then after hughesnet gave me 5.0 GB for the test we all have been on it trying to use it to show and guess what, With 4 users we still have not used much even watching movies and videos. We even watched a movie on netflix last night and this is with 4 users and I still barely used up any GB. I was RIPPED OFF. NO way in heck did I use 2.0GB in under 30 minutes searching google! 

Re: data RIP OFF !!!!!!

Hi mcdowell,

This is the test that our reps would have had you run. Without this and the screenshots there is no proof that our equipment is the source of your unidentified data usage. Our status meter only shows you how much your using and whats left. Simply posting screenshots of it does not prove anything.

"Hughesnet gave me 5.0 GB to test my moden which I did and it was fine."

^These are the exact words you posted. 

Please take care in cropping out your SAN while taking the


Keep in mind there are countless factors that can use your

- more devices are capable of connecting to the internet:
phones, tablets, gaming consoles, SmartTVs, and even refrigerators can connect
wirelessly to the internet. Keep track of what devices you leave running on

- automatic-updates: your computer and any other programs
you use will often keep working in the background, even if you're not actively
using that program, in order to keep your system/program up-to-date. Anti-virus
programs will periodically use your internet connection to check back with
their malware database for any updates. You should have an option to turn off
auto-updates and/or schedule them for a later time.

- multimedia content: Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr,
Instagram, news sites, and other websites will contain videos, animated gifs,
and sound clips that may start playing as soon as you land on the site. So much
content, so easily available almost everywhere on the internet. For starters,
try disabling auto-play video on Facebook:

or adjusting your Netflix playback quality to SD:


- more data sources can be found here, as posted by a fellow
community member:


The most important tool to download is the Status Meter,
available in the Customer Support Center, to help you monitor your data usage:


Your cooperation and patience are greatly appreciated. We
look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you,


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Re: data RIP OFF !!!!!!

it's funny how I chatted with a rep and told them all of this and they gave me the 5.0 GB to test my usage and since then with several of us trying hard to use it up , the usage has slowed way down now. Why is that? Because most customers would just not say a word. I have copies of all my chats with them and all my graph showing this.  RIPPED OFF just as so many others are having the same thing happen. It's hughesnet nobody else or any so called data leaks. I have great antivirus and malware protection and always have had. 
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Re: data RIP OFF !!!!!!

I have automatic updates turned off and yes my modem is fine it's on the hughesnet end . I did not once said it was the modem , Your end has control of the accounts and data. Maybe you have some weird so called glitch that made it spike and use it all that fast to get more money out of me. very  weird how once I said something it stopped right away.