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hn9000 intermittent outage

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hn9000 intermittent outage

We have days when our hn9000 needs restarted several time to make it work. Normally, the send and receive lights are blinking simultaneously when it stops working, but sometimes they just go out as well as the system light.  Help?

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Re: hn9000 intermittent outage

Hi pwilsey, stictly personal oppinion but me thinks that Spaceway is functioning more like a 1980's satellite these days. It's had some major outages ove the past couple years and is getting old.


I know doesn't help your situation but probably going to get worse and worse as time marches on. I know the mods and others who've already made the switch would recommend moving to Gen 5.


It could be a problem on your end though and fixable in the short term.


Re: hn9000 intermittent outage

Good morning pwilsey,


Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. We certainly want to help address your concerns so I pulled up your account to run remote diagnostics on your site. I'm also seeing a high reset count; can you please let me know if your modem is currently in a well ventilated area? There should be about 6 inches of free space around the modem. 

After checking that the area is clear, please unplug the modem's power cord and leave it unplugged for 5 minutes.


After 5 minutes, replug the power cord into the brick, ensuring the connection is tightly secured.


Once you've done these steps, please post back and let me know so I can run new diagnostics.


If the modem continues to restart on its own after those steps, please note that as well.


Your cooperation, patience, and understanding are much appreciated.





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Re: hn9000 intermittent outage

Thank you Liz.  I have done things you asked, so should be albe to run diagnostics again.