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hughesnet has lied about me


hughesnet has lied about me

on the last week of january I TRIED ON TWITTER to see if I COULD GET HELP WITH MY SLOW SPEED WITH askhughesnet, I posted my problem and was ask to go private messege on twitter ,  3 nights in a row send a text with attachments about my problem . i have saved all text and attachments, Anyway went to the fcc telling of my problem and the lousy reponse I GOT again. i have contacted hughesnet by e-mails and such with no reponse. today i wrote to the FCC they sent the reponse they got from hughesnet.. here is the lie           Regarding Mr. Hoppins’ concerns of experiencing slow browsing, please be advised that there have been no recent contact with customer support to troubleshoot the service. If Mr. Hoppins is still experiencing slow speeds he is advised to go to our site to conduct at least 5 different speed tests throughout the day and call technical support at 1-866-347-3292 to troubleshoot the service and determine if the service is operating as it should.   I CAN'T COUNT THE TIMES I HAVE TRIED TO GET SOMEBODY TO HELP ME HERE IS ONE EXAMPLE OF NEVER CONTACTING HUGHESNET
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Re: hughesnet has lied about me

You never replied to the following thread that you created with any of the speed tests that were asked of you.


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