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im have a problem with my wifi

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im have a problem with my wifi

my wifi is not connecting and i call customer service and no help
Associate Professor


Do you happen to know what satellite you are on?  Right now there is a major outage (on Echostar-19) that is affect most of the Gen5 customers.

how do u know if u are a gen 5 or not
Associate Professor

Gen5 customers will have an HT2000w modem, however, the ones being impacted are pointed to Echostar-19-NAD.

You can see what satellite you are pointed at by getting on a device that's already connected to your HT2000w, and visit!/home/information and look for "Satellite Name".

well i happend to have that one.. thank u do u know how long and when this might be back on

Yea they're hanging up on their customers 😡😡😡


No, they aren't, the call system can't handle a call volume as massive as the one that's happening right now.  Think of it this way, you have 20 highways into a single city that can handle 10,000 people per day each.  Note, that's per day.  Suddenly, you get potentially 800,000+ people all at one time trying to get onto those 20 highways, and the toll operators can't handle it.

Ok thankyou for writing me much appreciated hope the system comes back soon.

Im in Alabama and mine is down YET AGAIN

I have been down more than up over the past few months, I call and they say Im under contract yet they dont fufill they end of the contract

I connected another provider so I have internet