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instalation or weather

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instalation or weather

We had a lot of snow storms this year . So when we would go to mountain cabin to plow and remove snow on property we might and mostly no service. So we leave very in happy with service we were paying for, but was blaming the weather. Come to find out it was the location that the sat was installed on and weather. Should have been installed on building not on pole. Pole has moved so no signal now so not sure storms/location so frustrated with system - we're done!
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It is not unheard of for an installer to improperly install a pole.

The pole needs to be a heavy duty pipe, not a "fence" grade post. The pipe needs to be drilled and a bolt or re-rod inserted to prevent the pipe rotating in the concrete due to shrinkage. The excavation needs to extend below the frost line and the hole should be filled with at least three bags of concrete, perhaps more depending on soil conditions.

The bolts attaching the dish assembly to the post have to be properly tightened and final "aim" rechecked.

A pole mount, if properly done, is superior to a roof or wall mount.


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We also have a lot of snow, but generally we don't have issues with snow on the satellite dish.  We usually only have issues when there is sleet/freezing rain/wet sticky snow and thunderstorms.  Also excessive wind can move the dish.  We have our on the roof, but we also have a Directv satellite on a pole in the yard.  Any of the above mentioned conditions can hinder satellite reception no matter if it is on the roof or on a pole in the ground.

Hello delbertcook,

I am very sorry to hear you're having trouble with the installation and signal. I am happy to take a look at your system and installation to see what is going on. If anything we will send someone back out to fix this. I have already located your account and will update you soon.

Thank you,