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internet speed

we have been having issues for years in regards to our internet speed for our business.  We have called numerous times and even had a technician here to check our router and dish.  No matter if the sun is shining, clear skies we still have connection issues. In talking with other hughesnet customers/neighbors I found out is that our customers/neighbors have an updated 5G dish which we do not.  Our customer/neighbors and our IT department say we should have an updated dish for the 5G that supposedly we are provided.  Is there anyway Hughesnet can help us with this?

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5G refers to broadband cellular networks, not satellite internet.  HughesNet has Gen 5, the 5th generation of their satellite network.  


Do you have a business or a residential account?  If you have a business account, you will need to call 800.347.3272 for support, as this community here is geared towards residential subscribers and the reps don't have much access to the business side. If you're a residential subscriber, the reps can look into your account and give you some information about whether you need any tech updates to your system. 

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