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looking for a solution?


looking for a solution?

hello, so my testing pretty much speaks for itself with what i am dealing with.....

it feels like there are simply just way too many people using this service?

like maybe another satalite is needed?

or is my modem somehow governed or faulty?

service man just replaced it last month after initial install.

daytime is terible & night does good.

what will happen when my 20 GB are used up?

i dont think performance can get any worse?

its just me & the wife. 

internet is so bad that we can only run 1 device at a time.

i have adjusted settings to low video quality on hughes and put netflix back to auto.

it was way to blurry with both on low at the same time.

we TURN OFF & UNPLUG tv & devices when not in use.

our modem is stratigically centered in our home so wi-fi is EXCELLENT in every room!

do you think getting one of those repeaters would help netflix from buffering so much?

all i watch is netflix / you tube so all i need is a steady 6 mbps across the board.

i dont think thats too much to ask?

we can put a man on the moon & a rover on mars but i cant get a steady 6 mbps through out the day?

sorry to vent its just getting frustraiting....

ive spent more time testing and surfing for solutions when i should be relaxing watching a show?

thanks for any suggestions you can offer..


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Re: looking for a solution?

Yikes, those are bad speeds. There are so many things that can influence the quality of the service, which is why so much troubleshooting needs to be done.  You now have a good batch of tests, and I hope the reps here can begin the process of working with you about your issues, and getting the engineers involved.


To be realistic: sometimes they can fix issues, and sometimes they can't. Additionally it may take time for them to figure out where the issue is and to repair it.  


I wonder about your speed if/when your data runs out. It may be interesting to try this. 


In another post you had said you figured out you have to turn off the Roku when not in use. I thought as much. Anything you have connected to your network (except the modem itself)  is using data for something, including updates and maintenance when you're not actively using it, and contributes to speed and congestion issues.  Just for comparison's sake, have you tried watching something without the roku? For example, going directly to Netflix on the web, logging in, and watching something on your browser?


Hopefully the reps here will see your post today and give you some answers. 


Re: looking for a solution?

thank you, i am learning.

ya we unplug & turn off everything when not in use.

i figured out even roku devices even not in use will still use juice for clock, screensavers & ads. 

no i havent tried watching netflix on my computer becouse it is in my office and not in front of my couch LOL

i did try to download some movies onto netfix on my tablet so i could screen mirror onto my roku when needed.

it downloaded real slow.

i am thinking of buying a new smart TV and pluging it in directly to the modem?

but it is currently only 1' from the TV so i dont think it will make a difference?

if i did would i have to unplug the TV or will it turn off the wifi by itself each time?

thanks for the help.....


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Re: looking for a solution?

The smart TV will likely eat data like a hungry hippo, so you will need to keep an eagle eye on it and disconnect it from the wifi when you're not actively watching it. They don't really turn off anymore even if they seem off. 


"i havent tried watching netflix on my computer becouse it is in my office and not in front of my couch "


LOL.  Well, if you ever want to see if there's a difference between the roku and watching on the browser, lock yourself up in your office and stream! Also, you need a nice couch in your office so you can relax.  😁😁


Re: looking for a solution?

Hello dmnmay, 


Thank you for posting and sharing what you've done so far as troubleshooting, this helps. I definitely want to address your concerns, so I'd like to ask you further questions to clarify what you said and gather more info.


1. When you watch videos, you said they appear "blurry". Would it also be correct to say the videos look "pixelated" as well?


2. Does anything else happen when you try to watch videos, like getting an error message or the video stopping intermittently? I'd like to get the most accurate idea of your video streaming experience.


3. You said you only watch Netflix and YouTube, so to be clear, you're seeing "blurry" videos and have general issues on both streaming platforms? 


4. Can you think of any other streaming platform you or maybe your wife tried besides Netflix and YouTube? If so, I'm curious if the experience is the same on that platform, please let me know. 


5. maratsade mentioned you have a Roku, and I can see that in your device history as well. Is the Roku how you generally try to watch Netflix and YouTube?


6. Do you currently have a Smart TV?


7. Do your streaming issues happen on all devices?


8. If you haven't tried on other devices, please do so and let me know if you notice any difference.


9. As maratsade suggested, please let me know how streaming directly from Netflix and YouTube's websites (meaning, without using thed Roku) fares for you.


I suggest for troubleshooting purposes, pick the laptop/PC you usually use to stream and directly connect it to the HughesNet modem via ethernet cable.


Then to isolate that device, temporarily turn off the wifi on the HughesNet modem, here's how to do that: 


-Follow the steps here to get to the modem's wifi settings home screen.


-Uncheck the box next to SSID Enable.


-Make sure to do this under both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.


10. If streaming issues persist, please let me know which videos/shows/movies you tried to stream and what happened exactly. Please take note of the playback quality on each streaming platform.


  Your cooperation, patience, and understanding are much appreciated. Let me know if I can answer any questions regarding the above.


Thank you!



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Re: looking for a solution?

hey maratsade, i knew it wouldnt work but i did it just for you!

i hardlined my laptop directly to the modem.

netflix was unable to play.

just sits there and buffers.

i waqs told netflix needs a minimum of .5 mbps to recieve low quality streaming.

and works best  at 6 mbps

i just did a test and it is only .217 Kpbs hard lined!

also just verified that my wi-fi & hardline both test at the same speed.

2:40 pm was wifi & 3:15 was hardline with all other devices off and unplugged. 

verified with hughes system control center.


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Re: looking for a solution?

Well, rats.  It was a thought!  But at least you did test it, and that's another bit of data that can help the engineers. I hope things improve for you. 


Re: looking for a solution?

hello Liz,

let me run through these queations and anser them the best i can?

1) yes sometimes it is pixalated. sometimes blurry / sometimes squares?

2 ) yes it drops all the time. i have to press yes to try again, then pick show again, wait for it to buffer, then its blurry, then about 15 minutes it drops again?

3) yes it is blurry on netflix, you-tube & a ABC news channel app on BOTH rokus on different TVs.

4) sometimes i download netflix movies onto my tablet to screen mirror onto a roku later. it took me 2 different trys at different times becouse it would download?

5) yes we only stream on our 2 big stupid TVs with rokus. one stick & one primere. ( the primere is cool cuz i can wear my headphones at 3:am and not wake up the wife LOL )

 who in the would wants to watch videos on a phone, tablet or computer LOL ? 

6) i have 1 smart TV for the exercise room but we havent mounted or used it yet. we are still unpacking. its only a 32'' 

7) yes it happens on all devices. my wife dont even use the wi-fi on her phone because it is so slow. our verizon gets 7-10 mbps during rush hour ( why cant Hughes? )

8 & 9) i just hardlined my computer to the modem and attempted to watch netflix.

test ran .217 kbps.

i just replyed to maratsade with the details. netflix just buffers. 

i ran two test, one wi-fi & one hardline. 

both had same results.


2:45 pm was wi-fi .233 kbps

3-15: was hard line .231 kbps

both test took 15 minutes to finish.

all wifi devices were verified OFF with hughes system control center

HughesNet System Control Center

netfix needs at least .5 mbps minimum to operate on low setting.

i already knew my wi-fi was as good as hardline due to a previous test in the begining. 

when netflix was bad in the living room 1' away from the modem i switched roku from the bedroom and hardline the primere to the modem. it made no difference.

my current duel test verified that my wi-fi is EXCELLENT and the modem can get up to 28 mbps. ( i actually saw 30 mbps before testing at 3:am )

people are telling me that hughes is a shared bandwith and has oversubscribed or the modem has been throttled at certain times?


wow after all this i need a beer.

im gonna go light a campfire & drik fireball since i cant watch TV? 

you guys have a good evening i will check in tomorrow.




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Re: looking for a solution?



I don't know that it will, but in the slight chance it might make a difference with the streaming, even if only for at least some of the time, try turning off or snoozing the Video Data Saver.

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Re: looking for a solution?

hey Gabe,

i havent tried that because everything works fine @ off-peak hours.

i can watch tv no problem ( whoops i mean stream shows LOL )

but i will try it during the day anyway. it wont hurt to try.

its not the equipment or the wi-fi its the service during daytime.

this service isnt healthy for me because i watch tv in the middle of the night & fall asleep during the day : (

thanks for helping