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looking for a solution?


Re: looking for a solution?

@maratsade wrote:

"its not the equipment or the wi-fi its the service during daytime."


This points to the issue being with congestion, which neither you nor HN can solve. It's simply too many people using the system for data-intensive tasks such as streaming and working/learning online.  Part of this is a result of the pandemic and having so many people learning and working from home. 

Yeah it sure sounds like that, but the one piece of data that makes me wonder is the fact that his speed tests slow down during the day too.  Admittedlly, I haven't done one in awhile, so the prioritization rules could have changed, but outside of FAP I always get 25+mbps on any speed test that isn'f  Yet, my non speed test traffic is generally 1mbps or typically less (and streaming is even slower and just not doable).  That data implies that speed test traffic is priortitized and routed around congestion, and since speed tests are used for official troubleshooting by support, that makes sense.  So I do wonder if there's something more to it in his case, and maybe its exacerbated by added congestion but not directly caused by it?

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Re: looking for a solution?

" the one piece of data that makes me wonder is the fact that his speed tests slow down during the day too."


Ditto.  It's likely there's more to it than congestion. The speed measurements are very very low and not just during prime time.  That's why I suggested that the OP might want to focus more on what may be causing these speeds. 


Re: looking for a solution?

hey guys,

not too sure what you guys were talking about but i got the jist.

so here is what i learned today:

1) video data saver works fine on netflix when there is plenty of mbps.

2) for some reason when mbps are inbetween 0.50 & 1.5 it needs to be off?

3) i need at least 1.5 mbps with data saver turned OFF to succesfully watch netflix.

4) with VDS off & .298 kbps i was barley able to watch netflix. pixilation would go back & forth. but at least it didnt drop or buffer?

5) with VDS turned ON even with 1.5 mbps netfix drops & buffers.

so i will be doing more testing turning VDS on/off to verify this data?

also try netflix low settings off/on ( i put it back on auto when i turned on VDS )

do you think i should still do that UPNP thing?

will liz & gabe see this message?

this looks like a side thread or something?

thanks for the help

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Re: looking for a solution?

It might be a good idea to do the troubleshooting Liz mentioned to you.  I also think, though, that your problem right now is your speeds are too low -- I would focus on trying to figure out, with the help of the HN reps here, what may be causing the much lower than normal speeds.  I'd leave the streaming issue for after the speeds issue has been resolved.


Re: looking for a solution?

thanks Maratsade,

the password "admin" worked!

the UPNP was easy enough to change with the instruction link from liz.

i burned up 19% of data yesterday & only have 11% left.

im curious to see what will happen when its gone?

my trouble shooting may be affected and will have to wait 11 days to proceed?

im gong back to bed LOL

have a good day!



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Re: looking for a solution?

Glad it worked! I think it would be a good idea for you to let the data go to zero so you can see what happens.  When you're working with a rep and doing testing that eats your data, they sometimes give you free data tokens. That may happen with you too, though for now, I think you really need to see what happens to your speeds when you run out of data. I remember at least one person here some time ago saying they do better after their data runs out.  I've never tried it so I don't know.


Re: looking for a solution?

Yeah, I'm one of those who have mentioned that when I run out of data, I'm either just as fast or faster.  I've only run out a couple of times though, so I don't know that I'd bet on that behavior.  

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Re: looking for a solution?

Ah, that's right. I remember now.  But even before you, other people have mentioned this, though not many. I haven't run out of data in almost 2 decades, so can't say, but it'd be interesting for the OP to try. 

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Re: looking for a solution?



From the looks of it, and this is only going by your testmy results, so I don't know for certain, you're experiencing severe congestion at different times of the day, and especially in the evening.  And I do mean severe.  To go from the 20 or 30 Mbps range to the 200Kbps range is a huge variance. 


Much of what you're describing with the streaming fits pretty well with the speeds you're seeing, though that you were able to stream without buffering at 298Kbps, even with fluctuating resolutions that probably made it look awful, is pretty interesting.  With regard to the VDS, though it's mostly supposed to come into play when your service speed is at least 3Mbps or so, as that's around the speed the VDS is supposed to lock your service down to with streaming in order to save data, I've still seen instances of it helping, at least somewhat, when the service speed below that, which is why I often recommend trying it.  One of those "just in case it helps" things.  


Hopefully Liz and/or the engineers, if they need to get involved, will be able to see the reason(s) why your speeds are dropping so badly, and then effect some kind of remedy, whatever that may be.

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Re: looking for a solution?


the hughes app on my phone keept giving me a pop-up window telling me to call a phone number to improve my service?

so i called and ended up in another country?

he did a modem test and said it was fine.

then he said that was all he could do?

he would give my number to a hughes tech.

a Hughes tech called me yesterday.

i told him i had just unclicked the UPNP.

he ran a modem test and then did a force range.

i was able to watch netflix with him on the phone.

it seemed a little better but the same since i turned of the VDS.

it didnt drop or buffer at that time.

a little pixilated then cleared up after 2 minutes.

i did a test while he was on the phone and told him it was 0.48 kbps.

he said that wasnt accurate because i wouldnt be able to stream netflix with him?

so who knows?

i was too busy to watch tv yesterday.

i will use up the data soon ( i got 9% left )

i have a feeling nothing will change?

if thats the case then i will quit worrying about turning off & unplugging devices as long as i can watch netflix ok?

keep the VDS off and just let it burn up! LOL

i wonder if thats what people are doing anyway and its contrubting to the congestion?

there was one more thing liz posted on this thread earlyer i may try?

but im getting burned out on all this.........

thanks for the help.