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looking for a solution?

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Re: looking for a solution?

@dmnmay wrote: 

the hughes app on my phone keept giving me a pop-up window telling me to call a phone number to improve my service? 

You can ignore that.  It pops up for just about everyone, regardless of whether there is an actual problem or not.


It's a feature flaw that either needs to be fixed to pop up only when it detects that there is an actual problem (a signal or connection issue), or reworded to say something like "If there is a problem, call this number..."  It's quite misleading.



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Re: looking for a solution?

well i think its time to call it quits.

at lunch today i tried for 1/2 hr trying to watch tv.

netflix, youtube just buffer.

ABC news app said " no lift off "

i tried VDS on/off 

made sure all other devices were off.

no need to test anymore.

but at dinner it was fine?

this service is like pot-luck : each day ya never know what your gonna get? LOL

so i am gonna chalk it up to oversold bandwith.........

i am goona start doing homework & looking for other internet options?

there's gotta be something better out there?

sacrificing the contract would be worth dependable internet.

i got 2% GB left with 11 days remaining LOL

i am curious to see whats gonna happen tommorow with that ?

thanks again everybody for the help.

i really do apprieciate all the time & effort you gave me.

take care & be safe out there.



Distinguished Professor IV

Re: looking for a solution?

Let us know what happens afer you're out of data, please. 


Re: looking for a solution?

hey Maratsade,

been out of data all day and it is the same.

as crazy as it sounds it may even be a little better?

i was able to watch netflix with VDS off at breakfast, lunch & dinner!

but then again its sunday ( not a work or school day ) and performance always seems to be different everyday?

it pixalates a little here and there.

but hasnt dropped or buffered once today ( yet ) LOL

ran a couple of test earlyer breakfast was 1 mbps & lunch was 0.52 kbps.

like i said its the same.

i think i only saw 5 mbps during the day once in the last couple of weeks during my testing.

it was always 0.5 to 1.5 mbps.

having daytime data never made any difference for me?

the only time i saw high speeds was inbetween 3-6:00 am ( i saw well over 25 mbps a few times! )

anyway hope this little info helps for future reference & diagnostics.

thanks again for the help.

take care.


Distinguished Professor IV

Re: looking for a solution?

That's just nuts! Maybe the secret for you is to be out of data. Smiley Happy  Take care, and I hope you can continue to stream.