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looking for a solution?

Distinguished Professor IV

Re: looking for a solution?

"its not the equipment or the wi-fi its the service during daytime."


This points to the issue being with congestion, which neither you nor HN can solve. It's simply too many people using the system for data-intensive tasks such as streaming and working/learning online.  Part of this is a result of the pandemic and having so many people learning and working from home. 


Re: looking for a solution?

good morning Maratsade,

ya i understand.

but not sure if i agree with the soulution or giving up?

hughes offers " puchase data tokens " ?

doesnt that throttle up or speed up the service?

IDK how that works?

they were sending me emails to puchase discount tokens to have more data for the holidays.

why cant they throttle me up a little bit during the day so i can at least watch tv?

i feel that not being able to watch tv at anytime is a breach of contract!

but i am sure hughes dont feel that way?

i am down to 30% of data left on peak hours with 15 days left.

what happens when my data runs out?

i honestly have no idea?

i didnt run out on the first month for some reason but will deffinately run out on this second month?

are they gonna take away my 1 mbps?

sorry to vent......

hope you have a good day



Distinguished Professor IV

Re: looking for a solution?

Your frustration is understandable. 


Throttling is what happens when a subscriber runs out of data, and it refers to the speed being significantly reduced. The data tokens we can purchase restore the speed. So, when your "data tank" shows at zero, you can purchase a token and put a little bit of data into the tank.  Some people never buy tokens -- they just deal with slower speeds. 


The experience with the throttled speeds varies a lot. Some people do just fine with the reduced speed; some can even watch YouTube. Others can hardly do anything at all.  


HughesNet is not controlling your daytime experience. The other users in your region are. The more users, the more everyone's experience suffers, because the system gets taxed.  Satellite internet is limited  -- the satellite only has so much data to go around, so the company needs to ration it.  Think of it as soup: the more people helping themselves to soup from the pot, the less soup there is. Same with data.


During the day, people are awake and doing stuff with data -- studying, teaching, working, watching stuff. This makes it so there is less data for everyone, and everyone slows down a bit.  It's just the reality of statellite and the fact that it can't be upgraded without launching a new upgraded satellite, and this takes years and a lot of money.


Companies like Xfinity or Spectrum are terrestrial, so when more capacity is needed, they just send a truck with some techs and they install stuff to expand the capacity.  But the satellite is in orbit, so once it's been launched, there it sits and it can't be upgraded until a new satellite is launched. 


The contract says that service and performance aren't guaranteed, so not being able to watch TV is not a breach of contract because the contract doesn't say that the company promises you can watch TV with the service.  


When your data runs out, your speeds will be lower -- but it seems to be you're already experiencing lower speeds anyway, so you may not notice a change. 


They will not cut you off, though. You can continue to use the service at the throttled (reduced) speeds. They won't cut you off if you run out every month, either. 


I think it might be interesting for you to see what happens with your experience when you run out of data. Recently someone posted that they did better when their data was gone than when they had data. This may or may not happen to you.


@Liz has started working with you, so hang in there , as the process can take time.  Figuring out what is causing problems is like detective work and a lot of patience is needed.  Looks like right now Liz is trying to figure out why you can't stream, because you've mentioned the biggest problem is you can't stream. Maybe you should focus more on the cause of the low speeds? If the speeds go back to normal, you may be able to stream. Right now your speeds are slow at all times of the day -- that's not what's to be expected, so maybe it might be more efficient to figure out why that's happening, why speeds are so very low at all times. 


Re: looking for a solution?

Hi dmnmay,


Thank you so much for your response, this helps a lot. I just wanted to make sure I understood your situation because various statements seemed contradictory:


daytime is terible & night does good.

i cant get a steady 6 mbps through out the day?

   everything works fine @ off-peak hours.

    i can watch tv no problem ( whoops i mean stream shows LOL )
    but i will try it during the day anyway.

its not the equipment or the wi-fi its the service during daytime.


When do you mostly encounter streaming issues? Daytime? Nighttime? Or does it happen regardless of time?


Please disable UPnP in the modem settings. Here's how to do that.


After disabling UPnP, try streaming again on the isolated PC from last time (directly connected to modem and with wifi off). Any difference?


Gabe's suggestion is also good if you haven't tried it yet, any difference with Video Data Saver off?


Another thing to try, if the above two methods don't improve streaming, is to disable IPv6 on the modem: 


Go to the WiFi Settings page in the modem

Click Advanced Settings in the left menu

Click IPv6 from the Advanced Settings menu, should be the very last option.

Uncheck IPv6 - Automatic



Please let me know how streaming goes with each method, as well as around what time you tried streaming.


Your cooperation, patience, and understanding are much appreciated, looking forward to your reply!



If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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Re: looking for a solution?

thanks everybody for the help.

i will be patient.

i dont do social media or play video games.

mainly just netflix, a little online shopping and a little online banking.

sorry if things sound misleading?

things work good in the bonus hours but daytime i get less than 1 mbps.

daytime is when streaming is bad?

sometimes it barely works and sometimes it just sits there and buffers.

i cant watch tv inbetween like 6Smiley Tonguem-9Smiley Tonguem. thats the worst. it just buffers. if it does start it stops in like a minute then buffers again for like 5 minutes & repeats

thats about the time everybody gets home from work?

as crazy as it sounds it feels like i am the last in line at the buffet and when i get there theres nothing left but scraps LOL.

earlyer i tested 37 mbps in off peak. netflix was pretty good even though it droped 3 times in 1/2hr? but it booted back up real quick so that was cool.

i am back down to 0.46 mbps this morning.

it took a few minutes to buffer up but netfilx worked on my computer hardlined to the modem. i only watched for a minute and turned it off.

down to 30% data with 13 days left.

last month i think i had 30% leftover?

not sure whats happening there? not watching much tv LOL maybe all this testing, emails, homework surfing for a solution is using more juice than expected?

my HN app has a pop up telling me to contact customer care for better service?

so i will call them after this.

last time i called them they had me get online and move a bunch of numbers?

like redirecting a beam to a sattalite or something?????

then a serviceman came out. ran some test and changed the modem.

then after i call them i will disable the UPnP ( what ever that is LOL ) and see what happens today?

thanks liz







Re: looking for a solution?

while disableing the UPNP i could not get passed the administrative password?

is it mine?

i tried mine several times but it didnt work?

i need to take a break...........


Distinguished Professor IV

Re: looking for a solution?

Try this password: admin


Re: looking for a solution?

so i just had a good lunchtime experience!

i disabled the video saver like Gabe suggested.

i watched a full episode on netflix with no dropping, buffering & nice clear picture on my 60'' stupid tv with roku on wifi !!!!!!! 

i think that may have fixed the problem but i just ran a test and seen 8.5 mbps wich ive never seen at this time off day! ( maybe a fluke )

i hope something has changed and this continiues!

it was nice!

if the mbps drops again or if i have trouble later on today at dinner i will try to change that UPNP thing with " admin" as a password.

thanks again for the help everybody.

i appriciate it.



Re: looking for a solution?

Distinguished Professor IV

Re: looking for a solution?

Good luck! I hope the speed returns to normal.

Keep in mind, though, that with the Video Data Saver disabled, you will be using a lot more data and faster.