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looking for a solution?

hello, so my testing pretty much speaks for itself with what i am dealing with.....

it feels like there are simply just way too many people using this service?

like maybe another satalite is needed?

or is my modem somehow governed or faulty?

service man just replaced it last month after initial install.

daytime is terible & night does good.

what will happen when my 20 GB are used up?

i dont think performance can get any worse?

its just me & the wife. 

internet is so bad that we can only run 1 device at a time.

i have adjusted settings to low video quality on hughes and put netflix back to auto.

it was way to blurry with both on low at the same time.

we TURN OFF & UNPLUG tv & devices when not in use.

our modem is stratigically centered in our home so wi-fi is EXCELLENT in every room!

do you think getting one of those repeaters would help netflix from buffering so much?

all i watch is netflix / you tube so all i need is a steady 6 mbps across the board.

i dont think thats too much to ask?

we can put a man on the moon & a rover on mars but i cant get a steady 6 mbps through out the day?

sorry to vent its just getting frustraiting....

ive spent more time testing and surfing for solutions when i should be relaxing watching a show?

thanks for any suggestions you can offer..