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Re: not enough data

I hear yeah, We first got there service in Oct 8, 2015 we live out in the woods. We moved in 8/1/15 they came out and said call back when we cut down some trees. So when they finally installed in Oct, we left to Cailfornia 2 days later. We got back  the 21st. Over 2 weeks we did not use. We both have lap tops I surf, do emails and play off line games. My husband does ebay and facebook. We don't play on line games downloads or stream. We have direct tv and if we watch netflex it's after 2 a.m. We don't even use on demand. A total of 6 days we experience a few restarts and by 11/02 it slowed way down. I never experience customer service who must be reading a scrip instead of answering my question let alone speak english, they put you on hold or they transfer to another dept because they don't have access to all of my account info. One cr said my account was closed. They forgot to remove info back in August when they couldn't provide service 2 mos earlier. I tried a chat on 11/06 but the internet cut us off. My husband emailed them we said we would cancel before 11/08 (our 30 day allowance) if we couldn't resolve some issues. They emailed us back telling us to jump thur hoops. I called on 11/11 after 45 minutes finally I got a supervisor, normally when I worked as a supervisor I did my very best to make them happy and I worked for a county offfice. She could careless. (I guess she is used to it) I never signs any paper work. Never received any emails, which they had wrong. Because I was 3 days after my return date, even though on 11//06 I stated just that if these issues weren't resolved I'm in my right to cancel within 30 days. She directed me to some web sight that doesn't have my paper work just a bunch of laws for businesses and lawyer codes. She gave me a case #  my cancel. She kept going back and forth about 400, and sending ups boxes within 5-10 days. I told her I wasn't paying any fee for canceling. She said if the equipment wasn't returned in such amount of time another 400. So on 12/01/15 I called about the boxes, I got a nice person, I said all the equipment was already installed. We decided they waived the early disconnect charge since they never sent the boxes, we just start over. So although they were offering free installation and the 168.98 would include one month of service paid for 10mb which cost 11.00 more then quoted before thats 466.00 extra for 2yrs. So here I am again 12/03/15 the same day my cc cleared. I wasn't home but (new modem)he did I don't know? It they say they can't do a reconnect, some BS it's the exact same modem (because they can't warrant it for 2 yrs. All lies my account wasn't closed it was the same modem I found that out, The same customer rep who said give the old modem to the tech. they'll waive all fees. Well it worked a few days by 12/7 it was real slow I called, they said I have dss33547248 yet when trying to create a acct for us (as you suggest all your customers check your usage like it's some kind of a bonus like your credit score) So I'm told we owe 700 by one cr. Someone else said once the first acct closes (you mean the  one you said was already closed) which would close out on 12/8, the would refill our 10mb, well several calls can't create a acct I don't exist as a customer. Finally we found out who was the tech. It was the same modem I had to th email them for id if I used my email or facebook, they get permission to all my contacts WHAT did I read that right. Well no reload my husband got involved, he finally got someone a (supervisor) to call him back12/12/15 @ 11 a.m. Now keep in  mine,  it's been a week no service. She left a voicemail around 11:50 a.m. that all fees were waived. I guess?