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pics of depletion test

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pics of depletion test


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Are you posting the results of a modem isolation test?



If so, lets review your results.


Your Hughes service has three categories from which to draw data:


Anytime Bytes (8am to 2am)

Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am)

Token Bytes (stored data that is used if regular data is depleted)


Lets look at your test results:


  4:04 PM   Remaining Anytime= 0 GB        Remaining Bonus Bytes 46.8 GB     Remaining Token Bytes  10.3 GB

11:00 PM   Remaining Anytime= 0 GB        Remaining Bonus Bytes 46.8 GB     Remaining Token Bytes  10.3 GB


Results: No data was used in any category during the test.

If your issue was data depletion, then the cause is rooted in one or more of the devices connected to your network.


Some details of the devices you have connected may help us in choosing the best method of finding the culprit.


While I have yet to finish it (demands of work) you may wish to read the following topic for insight into how data is used within a network.


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This is not regarding the data depletion test or results, but only the pictures you posted.  Those pictures contain your account number (the number starting with DSS), and one should take care to NEVER post their account number.  


If you are able, you should edit those pictures so that they do not contain the account number, or delete the pictures altogether with an edit.  You can edit your post by clicking the three dots to the upper right of your post and clicking "Edit Message".  You can't delete the post altogether, so if there is no way you can alter the pictures just delete them and post a sentence or something, as the post can't be blank.  


I can edit them for you and post them in this reply, so they will still be in the thread, but again, you should edit the DSS out or delete the pictures altogether if you are unable to and post a sentence or something.  




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