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playstation works but not xbox

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playstation works but not xbox

hi, i tried to get my xbox to work its having mtu error. i reset the router the xbox will connect but all the sudden it disconnects and saying everything is block? my buddy got his playstation hooked up to the internet and he dont have problems.  i was paying for the $10 service extra just incase theres a problem a guy can come out. we have called many of times and every time said send someone out. they wouldnt and said it would cost $150 for a guy to come out but the service i paid for said $25. they dont care about customers they wouldnt refun every month i paid for that extra service because they wouldnt send no one out. they just want you money and treat you badly. wouldnt even suggest nothing to us on the phone. so i came here to get some help.

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Re: playstation works but not xbox

The monthly service fee you are paying for is more or less to have someone get sent out to you ahead of others that aren't paying that fee when the system shows you need a truck roll.  Since the system doesn't show you need a truck-roll, the reps have to charge for it.

Have you tried disabling the uPnP on your HT2000w?