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"Managing" Tech Support

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"Managing" Tech Support

Probably just spitting into the wind, but if you want to get the most out of tech support, you need to watch out for the lies and the low level of training they receive.


The grossest example was that I was upgraded to Gen 5, sent a modem and told I could install it myself. After 4+ hours on the phone they basically said "the customer can attach wires to the new modem but it won't work unless a tech 'connects' it to the dish".  This after seeing in these forums, hearing from tech support, and getting the instructions for the new modem...that ALL say that the customer hooks up the new modem and after an hour, all is good.


After following the instructions, waiting THREE hours, I called Tech Support, and they said the dish was out of alignment.


There is much more to the story, but after 4+ hours on the phone with tech support, they claim I was wrong all along thinking that I could install the modem without a technician.


Beware! And good luck, you will need it! (as well as lots of patience)

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Re: "Managing" Tech Support

Something that's important for subscribers to know is that each subscriber's experience is unique and it depends on many different variables, including location, beam, number of devices connected to the network, and others.  The same goes for tech support and other support services; they vary depending on the problem and on the agent, and often the experience of these services is dependent on the expectations and attitudes of the subscriber. 


It would be quite foolish for subscribers to rely on or place too much weight on the experiences of others. 


This site is best used for its intended purpose: finding solutions to problems by tapping the collective knowledge of fellow subscribers, with the ocassional intervention of Hughesnet corporate employees (who have far more authority to provide solutions than do other tiers of customer support such as phone and chat).