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"Web AccelerationClient Error (509.2)-Upstream TCP Receive Failure "

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"Web AccelerationClient Error (509.2)-Upstream TCP Receive Failure "


we are trying to check our token status.

when we go to Download Allowance Status and click " here" to check it says the following:

"Web Acceleration Client Error (509.2)-Upstream Failure (Web Server)"

"The Web Acceleration Client detected a TCP connection failure while receiving data directly from the web server or proxy server. Retrying the web page may correct the problem."

we've tried Safari and Firefox - same problem. tried two computers - same problem -

we've tried clearing our browsing history - same problem,

we've tried restarting / rebooting modem - and computers - same problem

our internet connection is fine and fast and smooth

we are afraid to run out of our daily download allowance  since we'd be offline then for 24 hours

we cannot call the 866 , 877 , 0r 800 numbers as we are in an area that doesnt have good phone reception

please could you help guide us thru what to do to resolve the problem