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rip off

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rip off

Please don't waste your money for slow data and limited usage
Assistant Professor

Re: rip off

I would have no internet or maybe lower capped cell phone data internet so I think I stay. Don't really consider it a waste. My money, I choose how to spend it. I consider a $30K car a waste.

Would you like help with a specific problem?
Assistant Professor

Re: rip off

True, could just be signing up under different screen names. Does seem to be a flurry of same thing all of the sudden.

I do like to try and help people who don't get the limitations of the Netflix streaming thing though. It can be done if one knows how to manage it and not expect to watch in HD. Does feel futile a lot of the time trying to get people to understand.

What is so hard to understand about capped/limited data? I would think they learn to manage it on their smart phones. I believe the problem is most don't understand how little 10, 15, 20 even 50 GB is especially when talking HD video streaming.

Just because a sales person tells you 10 GB is a huge amount of data for streaming doesn't make it so.

Re: rip off

Hi mevansickle,

Thanks for the feedback and welcome to the community. We'd love to help if you need it. Just elaborate a bit more so we have something to work with.

Thank you,