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slow internet

i got hughes net activated about a month ago.  I was told before i purchased the system that i will be able to stream high definition movies and videos.  It is extremely rare that i am able to do so.  Many times even, i can not stream 144p videos without constant buffering.


I have spent countless hours on the phone with technical support people.  I am fairly confident they will never resolve the issue, because they all have me do the same things: speed tests, turning off or on items in the control panel, resetting the modem, etc, and meanwhile the internet speed has not improved one single iota.  


At night especially, the once slow internet turns into an EXTREMELY slow internet.  Recently a technical support assistant tried numerous things for an hour straight, only to tell me in the end that "my tools show that your internet is fine".  Meanwhile, i still cannot watch videos in 480p, much less 1080p, so i therefore told her that "well, your tools are wrong".


The first question i asked a hughesnet representative before i purchased the service was "will i be able to stream high definition videos?"  I was promptly told, "yes, absolutely you will be able to".  Thus far, that's not the case, even with hours upon hours of talking with tech support and going thru there rigamarol steps that lead nowhere.  This is clearly a case of 'breach of verbal contract'.  


Could someone kindly please point me in the direction of the legal department of this company, so that i can have my lawyer contact them directly.

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1:  Have you exhausted your monthly data allowance?

2A: What streaming service are you attempting to use?
2B: Have you disabled Video Data Saver?
3: Have you performed the necessary speedtests at to determine your speeds?  If so, can you share those results with us?


I can stream 720P just fine on youtube most all the time, steady 720P requires only about 1.5Mbps as far as download speeds are concerned.

As far as the legal thing... Sorry, legal threats do not work here, you are bound by arbitration as stated in your contract which can be found at the legal website for Hughesnet.  If the agent promised you something that isn't possible, or misleading, then a Hughesnet Rep can pull your sales call for review, and if found in your favor they will waive your ETF.

That's not entirely accurate:


Section 5 of Residential Subscriber Agreement - Dispute Resolution and Binding Arbitration


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Just posting the source of the excerpt above, in case anyone wants to check:


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@skybox wrote:

That's not entirely accurate:

The moment your terminal becomes active begins that 30 days, and OP is past that 30 day mark by this point based upon his statements, so your statement is rather mute.

Actually, pretty sure the 30 days starts on the day you are informed that there is a contract, as well as where to locate the contract.

Also, all caps = BAD, even if it's a copy pasta, all you had to do was link to the contract, and state the section you wanted to reference, or parts of it in a quotation.


Hi woodford, welcome to the community and thank you for posting. Currently looks your case is being reviewed by our Advanced Technical Support and you'll be receiving a call back within 2-3 business days. 


Customers can stream in HD, however the only drawback to this is your data will be consumed quicker. Based on the notations, your speeds are good as well so there's an underlying cause that the Advanced Technical Support team are looking for. Your patience while they investigate is appreciated!





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Good luck.  I'm in my first year of a two year contract and I've hated this service a month into it.  I'm paying 75.00 for what is supposed to be 20gb and we typically get 1-3. haha.  I've called into support before and was told that since I was in Oregon it was probably raining and that once the rain/storm stopped (yeah, there was no storm) that the connection would be better.  hahaha  It's seriously terrible.

Hi mdahl66, welcome to the community and thanks for posting. We'll be happy to address your concerns, but before you start posting, I recommend reviewing our Community Guidelines and Community Terms of Service


We'll be glad to assist you if you start a new thread and provide details of the issues you're experiencing. Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you.



Hello woodford, I pulled up your account for any updates and noticed you're within radius for the incoming Hurricane Florence. Even though I haven't heard from you since your initial post, I realize there's a possibility you may be unable to reach us at this time, so I'm going to keep your thread open for a little longer to give you some time to respond. Stay safe. 



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