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speeds less than 1mbps since sign up

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speeds less than 1mbps since sign up

Got hughesnet 11/30/17.


Satellite Name    EchoStar-19-NAD
Gateway ID    9
Beam ID    39
Outroute ID    6

 T'was more or less pushed on me by dishnet as an upgrade. Prior to the switch I was averaging 7mbps.


With new Hughesnet systemn modem tests, system tests all fine but

speeds have consistenly been running below 1mbps.

First call in confirmed that info.
I ran the hughesnet speed test (at  The results were:
                       .34 mbps download, .23 mbps upload
which is actually better than the speeds I'm generally getting.
Began using a packet sniffer and the speeds average around 500 to 100 or less kbps.
Yes, that is kbps.
I've tried more than one and the results are consistent.

I have called in 3 times.  There has been a 1/2 hr plus wait all month.
Noone could offer an explanation. The closest guess was a problem with the gateway.
I was promised a callback from a level 4 technician which has never come.  First was told 2 days, then 5 days, then a month or more.

This is a joke.

My hookup to the modem is ethernet.


I would like an explanation and a time for resolution.

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IntoTheWoods, you make a valid point in requesting transparency from the company.  But they have been pretty good at telling us what's going on.  And while  they have not gone into technical details, they have acknowledged that there are issues, particularly with some beams, and that the company is working to address those issues.  Typically, companies don't reveal technical details about issues, just that there are issues and they're working on them. Hughesnet is not different from other companies, but they do acknowledge there are issues.


Perhaps there ought to be an issues forum on this site, so all the announcements regarding the overall health of the system can be in one place (ETA: I realize many announcements regarding the system are posted under About the Community, but that area seems to be a catch-all for all kinds of different announcements, not a dedicated site for system status announcements and updates).


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@IntoTheWoods wrote:



You're missing my point. My point is that HughesNet has to be well aware that the current rash of slow-speed complaints is a problem on the HughesNet end. I want them to acknowledge that, tell us at least a little something about what the problem is, and tell us when they are going to fix it.


You are too quick with words like "ignorance." Just so you know, I have been on the Internet since UUCP days, a Unix user since1984. I have an extra-class amateur radio license, and I play with digital data modes for fun. I've never needed satellites until the past few years (other than the old analog systems I worked with in the newspaper business years ago that were used by the Associated Press and other news services). I rode the dot-com boom while in San Francisco from an office overlooking Fifth and Mission. I have Cisco router training. I have helped oversee the installation of large new copper and fiber networks. I have dealt with earlier (and more reliable) generations of data pipes including DSL, ISDN,  T1, etc. If I am ignorant, it's because I've been retired and away from it all for nine years, not because I don't understand troubleshooting. I've bought lots of data carried on lots of different pipes. In the past, if I told a provider what my speeds were, I was believed. But they knew it too, because (like HughesNet) they can see their end of the pipe. When providers didn't live up to their customer promises, they fixed it — quick.


This business I'm seeing here about network card drivers and such is just another red herring and a form of the blame-the-customer game. HughestNet tends to presume that its customers are ignorant and that all problems are on the customer's end. If it matters (it doesn't), I'm on a late 2015 27-inch iMac running Mac OS 10.11.6. I am 12 feet from the HT2000W router. My RSSI, noise, and Tx rate figures are always good and always have been. No, I will not run a copper wire to the router to eliminate WIFI from my testing, because the router is downstairs, and because WIFI clearly is not the problem.


If I were the only customer complaining, I'd look a little harder for a problem on my end and try to raise my confidence level from 99 to 99.9 percent. But all the evidence I've seen in this forum points to a HughesNet problem, and it's not just me. It's a new problem, since speeds were outstandingly good from April through September or so. It's entirely possible that our current slow speeds are not even a technical problem. For example, HughesNet might have sold data wholesale to a new commercial customer who is eating them, and us, alive. I am aware that that is speculative. But it looks like a load problem or demand problem. Morning speeds are down to a third or a quarter of what they once were, and evening speeds have fallen below 1Mpbs.


And with this post you're once again making the assumption that everyone who is having speed issues is having them because of something on Hughes' end.  


As listed below, Hughes has acknowledged beam issues and continues to do so (which is also why I often first ask people what beam they are on), but again, assuming every speed issue is the cause of HughesNet, and essentially saying, in so many words, "The speed tests are a waste of time.  Don't bother with them." is not only shortsighted, but also tantamount to sabotaging the help people could be getting with their speed issues, whether it's intentional or not.   


Also, with regard to one specific thing you said, if you don't think that network card drivers can have an effect on the performance of one's computer when it comes to the net.........


BTW, and please take this in the formal manner intended, I'd venture to say that most of HughesNet's customers ARE ignorant when it comes to their devices, and the net as a whole, and it gets worse as time goes on.  That's not a presumption.  That's reality.  Remember when you had to physically enter a slew of parameters just to connect via dialup?  Now you can connect to WiFi by pressing a button.  When people don't need to know, they don't bother to learn.  Click a button and it works, and when it doesn't, for most it's "Uh Oh."  

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God, thank you for saying that, IntotheWoods, and saying it well. I have read all of the subsequent posts on this thread as well. 


You can't have this many customers, all with the same issue, all getting the same hoop-jumping runaround from TechSupp, none getting a resolution...then not admit that this is simply an issue of a failure to provide adequate service - a provider failure of some kind.

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Two things that worked for me.

Update your adapter drivers. Set at 1.0 Gb per sec. From your description you're probably ok here.

Make sure your auto updates are set to metered connections. If in doubt, set to manual update.

Other things can factor, like network traffic. Mine still slows on weekends and evenings, but not as bad as yours.