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the service won`t work in my area

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the service won`t work in my area


I need some help here! Thanks in advance....  I purchased Hughesnet sevice for my business, internet and phone. It was clear after a week there were many issues. We lost connectivity constently. All that was needed was a few clouds and it will go down. The sales person assured me in the beginning weather wouldn`t have much of an effect at all, unless it was real bad. I use the internet to talk with my clients overseas, and have to have it for e-mail and sales. Also we would lose the phone as well,,,, can`t run a business this way! They came out several times a tweeked the dish, and did some other things, it did not change anything. I had to go back and get centurylink back again. Even though its very slow here, (due to bad lines along the hwy) its better than having nothing! Hughesnet told me it would be almost $800 to discontinue the service, so they really had me trapped.  I was shocked anyone would treat a client this way, making us pay for a service we were not getting. We could never treat a client of ours this way..... I have had the service over a year, and the discontect fee is still over 300!  The point is, I feel I should be being reimbursed at least some and no charges for discontect. Does anyone out there have any suggestions? I get no where when talking to them. I have talked to HN more times than I could ever count! Thanks again.

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Do you have a residential account or a business one? This community is for residential accounts only, but the mods may be able to give you some help even if yours is a business account. 


*I am not a Hughesnet employee or representative. This is a customer-to-customer tech support community, and I am a customer.




Please see my private message concerning this issue.


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I was very disappointed that I could not use my iphone with Hughes Net. I am hearing impaired and streamed the incoming voice direct to my hearing aids.This is a a level of hearing improvement that is hard to believe. Because of the latency problem? , I am not able to use my iphone and I am back to the Middle Ages.

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WiFi calling (making calls over WiFi with your cell phone), if that's what you're trying to do, does not work with HughesNet.  It is primarily due to the latency, as you mentioned.  HughesNet does offer their own Voice service, though I doubt it supports what you're describing.  It does support TRS, though.  


Later iPhones do connect directly, via Bluetooth, to some hearing aids.  It doesn't require internet service.

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