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Okay, I'm new to this token process.  On the 'buy data tokens' pop-up screen, on the bottom is "Token - Free :5 GB Available'

I clicked it, nothing happened. I assume it will take time. Just what is this offer of free. Or, must I go through the actual purchase of additional data to get through this billing cycle?







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Re: tokens



When you see a free token data available and click on Use to add it (Use should be blue), it should add it to your "Token Data Available" within a few minutes.  Your token data bank is separate from your Anytime and Bonus data banks.  I don't know that it will add all 5GB at once.  It may add 1GB when you click Use, as it may actually be five 1GB tokens rather than one 5GB token.  When token data is added to your "Token Data Available", it's commonly referred to as being "banked".    


You can see your token data available (banked) underneath your Service Plan Data in the HughesNet Usage Meter, and underneath your "X days remaining in your billing cycle" on the My Account site.  


If you have token data "banked", it will be used automatically when you exhaust your regular data, then your speed will be throttled, which is often referred to as being in FAP (Fair Access Policy).  So, data usage is like this, with each successive data bank kicking in when the prior has been exhausted...


8AM to 2AM -- Service Plan Data > Token Data* > FAP

2AM to 8AM -- Bonus Data > Service Plan Data > Token Data* > FAP

* = if you have Token data "banked" and ready to be used

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Re: tokens

Hi 6363catt,


Welcome to our community! I see that Gabe has already provided you the best answer. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.