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usage depletion


Re: usage depletion

Hi Gabe - 

Yes - I took it to experts who wiped the harddrive clean and reinstalled only a few things.  Hooked it up to internet and I worked there on Saturday - just like I do here.  We also watched videos and a bunch of other stuff.  I have the data to back it up.  It clearly is not my computer.  Not sure what it happening, but I am hoping to have HughesNet come out and check their equipment.  Other than the modem, I have had the same equipment for 11+ years.  I am hoping that is where the problem lies. 


In addition, multiple HughesNet Technicians, the HughesNet Home Tech Support, and Geek Squad have all been in this computer multiple times.  There was nothing that they could find.  Nothing running in the background, no viruses, no malware.  All windows updates and other updates were set to run during the bonus hours.  


As I said, I have had Hughes for 11 years without much problem until August.  Something happened in August and it is was not with my computer.  I have had 3 different experts tell me this - Geek Squad physically and remotely in my computer, and the local computer repair physically in it.  


Nothing left but for it to be the HughesNet equipment.  Now to find the culprit and get it fixed !  That is my hope!



Re: usage depletion

Hi folks,


If there is no more assistance required of the community here, I'll go ahead and close this thread. Otherwise, if you want to work with the community to resolve your concerns, please start a new thread. Thank you.



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