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very poor download speeds

Associate Professor

Re: very poor download speeds

To make it easier to imagine....  Imagine you have a two watermains, one serving one area, another serving another area.  The mains are the same size, and the pumps are the same, the design is meant to handle 5,000 people with the water turned on at one time before pressure drops for everyone.

Now, imagine one main serves 100,000 people, while the other one serves 10,000 people.  The one with 100,000 users might never see a water pressure drop, because they rarely turn the water on all at the same time, or, they do and don't turn it to full blast.  But the one with 10,000 people is always dropping pressure, because you have 5000+ homes that want to wash their car 24/7, run the dishwasher, wash clothes, and take a shower all at the same time.

You can actually see this effect in a home when you turn multiple faucets on, and then crank the shower on.  


Re: very poor download speeds

So if I understand Amanda's and Corrosive's last replies there is a real problem of potential beam overload. Are some beam 10 users going to be moved to E-19? And if not, does that mean that beam 10 will always be prone to erratic service?

Are there statistics on how many users are on each beam?


Re: very poor download speeds

There is a potential of overload on anything, anywhere. Internet, roads (I drive in one of the worst states in the USA for traffic!), electrical grids... Beam 10 will see some users move to E19. There is no statistic per beam that I know of outside of our internal database. It really, really varies. 


Since Spaceway service, Hughes has developed so many new solutions to consumer network demand and implemented even more patented designs from individuals in our engineering group. Without getting into stuff I am not an expert in (frequency efficiencies, color spectrums, etc), I can safely say that things will balance out. Not just in terms of your beam 'load' but by using E19 and E17 in tandem, this opens up so much capacity. Think of it as a dollop of jelly on bread right now, it just needs to be smoothed out a bit. 


From what I know regarding how we are improving performance, I am definitely optimistic that these speed concerns on the forum will get better. 




Assistant Professor

Re: very poor download speeds

I'll vouch for that... the network and the roads (although 270 vs. 66... now there's a debate).


Seriously tho. When I saw what this network could do I knew it was the real deal.

There are some acknowledged rough spots and nobody's hiding them. Regardless, I am pretty sure they'll be worked out.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
Assistant Professor

Re: very poor download speeds

Would like to add that people looking to satellite Internet, at this point in time, as a cable TV/Movie HD streaming replacement (ie cord cutting) is not helping. Trying to stream at HD for even 3-4 hours during the peak time periods has the potential to overload even the best performing beams and gateways. It is like @C0RR0SIVE explained. I know of no infrastructure that can withstand all users asking for 100% efficiency/capacity if using it at the max capability at same time. Roads, bridges, electrical grids, stores, banks, name it. They will all suffer extreme slowdowns or brownouts in the case of electrical grids.


Re: very poor download speeds

The best I can make out from all this is that there is nothing that can be done.

The tech people who run their tests say that there is no problem with my equipment. The problem has to lie between me and the satellite and I connect to the satellite on this beam 10 "straw." This is how I understand it. Maybe it is some mysterious problem with the modem, but that seems unlikely from the symptoms.

I assume that there are statistics on beam 10 traffic and whether it is higher than other E-17 beams. This morning I am getting 255K download speeds. That is 1% of 25M. I am told that the standard is 60%, i.e. 15M. I have been given a reduction in what I pay because Hughesnet is unable to provide what they advertise.

I need a decent functional internet, I don't do streaming, but I do need to download things in a reasonable time and be able to load a web site in less than a couple of minutes. If Hughesnet is doing nothing more than hope people will upgrade unbidden then I may have to do find an alternative. I've been on Hughesnet for over 7 years and have never had such a slow system and don't want to switch.

It would be good if I had some idea that this will change and that I could get reasoanable service.

Re: very poor download speeds

@jmogey wrote:


It would be good if I had some idea that this will change and that I could get reasoanable service.

What I personally would like to see is an official message from Hughesnet that we are experiencing issues, they are working on it, and some kind of roll-out of what is happening.  Maybe that was posted someplace and I just don't see it?  I only see spattering of threads about slow speeds from customers and Hughes saying they are sending it to engineers.  I don't see acknowledging that there is an issue on their part.


Being in the dark with very poor speeds and having an unknown lingering daily does get old.  We continue seeing the same messages to be patient, which many of us are, but I don't think to date I have seen an official post from Hughes there appears to be an issue and we have some game-plan on attack to get this licked.   Even if that means rolling out a few small fixes here and there and we hope to have all back to normal in X amount of weeks or months.  I would rather see truths like this and having some horizon to look foreward too versus no confirmed issue and game-plan to get this licked.  Even if that truth is weeks or months out...


Otherwise we just see a blackhole and no fix on the horizon.


Just my opinion.


Continue being patient,   TJ


Re: very poor download speeds

Having heard nothing about what may be going on here I'll adda few things.

I've been assuming that this may be due to heavy usage that paricularly affects my location on beam 10. I am now thiking that this may be incorrect because I've been doing regular speed tests over the last week, including today, Saturday, at 7 am. This morning I'm running from 200K to 500K. It's hard to beleive that so many people are downloading away this early. For the past week I have generally had speeds of about 1M, with occasionl burts up tp 5-6M.

My equipment tests out ok according to phone tech support.

Last night I started software updates on m system (about 600MB). It is still going on over 12hrs later with the packags downloading at 10KB/sec and at one point overnight the connection dropped (I do realize that these speeds are not simply related to actual speed tests, but are indicative of overall slowness and how it impacts use.).

What can be going on? My signal right now is 124. Something is not ok. Modem? Receiver on the dish?

I'm waiting for another call back from tech support and wonder how I can get someone at Hughesnet to come up with a plan that will solve this problem.


Re: very poor download speeds

This morning I'm at a blazing 707K download speed.

I would like to hear from some Hughesnet person acknowledge that 1) I have a "real" problem and 2) that someone at Hughesnet is looking into it. I have been asked to be patient and have been over these past three months and all I see are poorer performance and all I hear is silence.

I hope that one or both of the moderators would give me some indication that things are being looked into. Even to have a techician sent out to check the equipment (without my paying for it) would feel like someone cares.

I read a lot of intemperate rants from people and think there would be less of these if they had a sense that someone cared. I've been a happy Hughesnet customer for over 7 years and have referred other people to Hughesnet and that I can again have a good experience with Hughesnet.



Re: very poor download speeds

I think there's a lot of that; unrealistic expectations.


"Would like to add that people looking to satellite Internet, at this point in time, as a cable TV/Movie HD streaming replacement (ie cord cutting) is not helping. "