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very poor performance

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very poor performance

I know that I have no data left on my plan, as usual, and therefore my account is throttled. For the last few days the performance has been much worse than usual when I have no plan data. Websites like and are not loading. Email attachments are not downloading. Netflix streaming is intermittent. As you can see from my results I am getting less than 1 Mbps for downloads. Something must be broken. Can anyone help me get better performance?




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I'd say confusing rather than misleading.  The two measurements may refer to somewhat different things, like, the signal is strong in the area but the device (for some reason) is not picking up the strong signal. Might have to do with the device.  But hey, you're making progress!!

I thought I already posted this but I don’t see it:

The link you provided that show my connected devices is very helpful for troubleshooting. I do not have the option of “connected devices” under the usage tab when I am logged in, but the link gets me there. I will save the link for future usage.


I am still trying to figure out why some of my devices show poor or fair signal strength even though the Wi-Fi signal appears to be strong next to the device, particularly my iMac.

My original problem of poor performance has not be solved, so I won’t “Accept as Solution. It seems like the community has done all you can and I thank you for that.

Thank you for your help. 

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To find the connected devices link, you have to do this:

Click on Usage
Click on Usage Details
Click on Usage again -- you will now see the Connected Devices link
Click on Connected Devices
Click the button labeled "See all connected devices." It's located towards the bottom of the page.


If the wifi is good but you still have performance issues, it is likely due to something you have on your devices. It could be many things, but it seems the problem is on your side, as the system seems to be working as it should.


You don't have to accept any post as a solution if you don't want to. The system sends you these emails automatically. Just ignore them.  Accepting something as a solution should be done when you think the issue you asked about is solved. When this happens, marking something as a solution can help other people.


Good morning Peneloukle,


It's been a while since we last heard from you, so we will close this thread. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can better assist you.




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@Peneloukle , you can do this for yourself by going to!/home/status and checking the state code. If it's 0.0.0 and all the checkmarks are green, then your equipment is working properly.  If you're here (community), you can click on the Overview link ( and look under System Health. If your equipment is functioning properly, there will be a green notice saying "System OK."


@Peneloukle wrote:

@Liz  - are you able to determine if the equipment at my end is fully functional?

Edited: added quote.


thank you for explaining that for me!


The automatic speed tests show that my speed improved during bonus hours, but still poor outside of bonus time. I don't know why the tests didn't run once per hour as I had requested. Here are the latest results:


Any advice is appreciated.


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It's possible some of the testing ran into some sort of issue, so they didn't complete. That's just a guess though. 

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