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very slow and inconsistent download speed.

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very slow and inconsistent download speed.

very slow and inconsistent download speed. i have an apple tv and netflix is all we use it for. it id plugged directly into the back of the modem with a lan . i run on it every day and the speeds are consistently slow. 23mbps (slower than dial up) to 1.3mbps. every now and then my daughter can watch a 30 minute cartoon on it with out it buffering but most of the time it buffers three and four times. and i was told i would have 10mbps and it has never tested over even 2mbps. please help if i had 3 to 5mbps id be fine and it be consistent.
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Re: very slow and inconsistent download speed.


In order to address speed issues, some speed tests have to be run, and they need to be run using a certain protocol.  The following are the instructions for running those tests....

Create an account (if you don't already have one) at  While signed into that account, and using a single device connected directly to the modem with a LAN cable (NO ROUTER), perform a group of three to five download tests using the manual 12MB test size, spacing each test five minutes apart.  If you are able, run a group of tests a few times throughout the day, preferably in the morning, afternoon and evening.  After you have run some tests, click on the Results tab, then copy the URL in the address bar of the Results page and paste it into a post on here.  It will look like the following, but with your user name where it says [yourusername].[yourusername]

Most important points...

Create an account at
Run the tests while signed into that account
Run the tests with a single device connected directly to the Hughesnet Modem with a LAN cable (NO ROUTER)
Use the manual 12MB sized file for download tests
Space each test at least five minutes apart
Post your results here by posting the Results page URL, which will look like this...[yourusername]


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