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why do i have a 10 GB limit for every month???

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why do i have a 10 GB limit for every month???

why do i have a 10 GB limit for every month??? i used to have century lnk, and i NEVER had 10 GB allowance for every month. century link has unlimited data every month, but because of my new address, i can not have centurylink, only hughes net!!!
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Simply put, the satellite has throughput limits as to how much data it can handle at a time.
Unlike ground based systems it can not be expanded or repaired.
Hughes just launched another satellite yesterday that is likely to improve matters.

I too once had Century Link and yes it was nice.  However satelite is a totally different animal.  Its the price we pay for rural living unfortunately.  The big telephone/cable companies don't want to spend their money running fibre optics 10 miles to service 3 homes.  You really have to learn to live with it and it can be done.  The people here can give you tips and tricks to save on your data.  They have helped me tremendously  All you have to do is ask.

Hello Andrew,

Welcome to our community! Since you are new to our service and seems you are new to satellite internet, I recommend checking out our FAQ's which will also explain our Fair Access Policy (data limits). There is something that concerns me and it is that you seem unaware you had a data allowance. Were you explained the monthly data plans when you signed up?

Thank you for posting and let me know if you have more questions. We're here to help you ease into the transition of satellite internet 🙂