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wifi with chromebook and chrome os

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wifi with chromebook and chrome os

I have a new chromebook which uses the chrome operating system and I can not connect to my wifi. There are some older posts on this topic as well as several internet articles but no definitive solution. I was on a call with tech support for over two hours and we went through every setting on the modem/router with no resolution. Has anyone found a solution to the hughesnet-chromebook wifi issue?

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Have you seen this thread?


Also, can you connect to the 5 GHz radio?  My Chromebook one day stopped connecting to the 2.4 GHz radio, but worked fine with the 5 GHz connection. 

Yes I have seen that post. You will notice that it is almost a year old and my internet search on the subject has not led me to any solutions. I can connect my chromebook to other wifi networks including other satellite providers as well as land line providers but for whatever reason not my hughesnet. The 5ghz shows as an available network only occasionally but most times it is not even seen. The 2ghz showed it was connected a couple of times but then immediately disconnected. I have contacted Hughesnet as well as the chromebook manufacturer, Asus, and they both seem to be blaming the other. I have had no luck as of yet in contacting google chrome.

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Yes, I know how old it is. Things have not changed since then.   Have you tried connecting it to the 5Ghz radio?

It's a Chrome problem, and they haven't fixed it.  Anyway, good luck. 

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