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windows update 1607


Re: windows update 1607

Interesting! So I've read if you have your connection on Windows 10 set to metered, it sometimes will not download updates.. But first, check out this link from Microsoft

Scroll all the way to the last option that says "What can I do if I'm having problems installing updates?", click it, install and run the Windows Update Troubleshooter. Let me know if that fixes it.

If not, let me know exactly what happens when you try to update and when you encounter the issue.


Re: windows update 1607

Thanks Amanda--I take the computer off metered when I know an update is there,  I took my computer to my daughters (she lives in the city) and left it on to download.  We'll see how that goes.  Hopefully that will work. She said hers took a while to complete,
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Re: windows update 1607

Don't listen to these nut jobs they have no idea what they're talking about... It has nothing to do with your "video card". I've been using computers for nearly a decade and I've never had an issue updating because of a bad video card. In my situation it took a long time to fully download this update. And to be honest, my account is locked into smart browsing until next month. So I decided to download this update during the bonus bytes period and guess what? It worked flawlessly. It only took like 45 minutes to fully finish. So it's completely hughesnet fault for still having data caps in 2016.
It's not 2001 anymore hughesnet.

Re: windows update 1607

Justin, I've been using computers for 40 years. Learned by programming assembly language on a PDP-8. You probably don't even know what that is. 

If you go into windows device manager and there is a yellow check mark next to the display adapter category, the update will fail. In case you don't know, the yellow check mark means that Windows has detected an error with the device. If you right click on the device and open the properties window it will tell you the error code. In my case it was error code 43. In some cases an error code 43 indicates a hardware failure, in other cases the error can be cleared by uninstalling and reinstalling the driver for the video card. I was able to clear the check mark by doing the latter and once I cleared that check mark the update installed without a hitch.

Will this be the case for everyone who can't install the update, no, absolutely not, but it was definitely the case on my machine.

Re: windows update 1607

Justin--I have been with Hughes Net  for several years now,  I had to "learn " to use satelite internet,  We live in a very rural area so our choices are limited at best,  No its not cable as in the cities.  Thanks to the community and the official reps I have learned a lot including how to live with it.  My data lasts all month 99% of the time and that 1% I usually know what caused it.  They have been instrumental in teaching me tips and how to correct problems that I have incurred,  No one knows it all....but its nice to have several people to input their help so you have options to try.  Thanks to the Community, the Reps, and the Champions!!!!
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Re: windows update 1607

Don't listen to these nut jobs they have no idea what they're talking about...

It's A Trap!,

First, if you want to be rude like that, go somewhere else.  There's no reason for it. 

Secondly, just because you've been using computers for nearly a decade doesn't mean you know everything.  Updating a computer is a very precise process, and there are a LOT of things that can cause it to fail, INCLUDING A VIDEO CARD DRIVER.  Your computer and your experiences are just that, yours.  They are not indicative of every situation. 

The people you called "nut jobs" and claimed "have no idea what they're talking about..." have a LOT more knowledge about computers, satellite internet and Hughesnet than someone who has "been using computers for nearly a decade" and have helped a number of people on here due to that knowledge.  Have a little more respect for them. 

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