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How do you disconnect Dish Hopper from HT2000w wifi?

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How do you disconnect Dish Hopper from HT2000w wifi?

Connecting our Dish Hopper to the HT2000w via wifi...super easy, no problems.


but disconnecting it, and keeping it disconnected so that it doesn't automatically re-connect when wifi is turned back on....well, I have yet to figure up how to do that and as such, I'm having to change the password on the HT2000w wifi end so that the Dish Hopper doesn't automatically connect....which it does each time if the password remains the same.


surely there is an easier way to disconnect from wifi and keep it disconnected via the Dish remote?

Does anyone know how to do this, and if so, would you mind walking me through the steps?


With our PS4, there is an option under the PS4 settings to prevent the game console from automatically connecting to the wifi so that even if it detects the wifi, it will not automatically connect without permission.

I was hoping to find a similar option under the Dish settings, but I've looked everywhere under the settings menu via the Dish remote and can't seem to find one.


I've only connected the Hopper to the HT2000w twice since we got Dish installed about 8 months ago...but it's such a pain in the butt having to change the password in order to ensure that the Hopper isn't going to automatically re-connect by itself that we have yet to really enjoy all of the Hopper / OnDemand features. I was really hoping to use our 50 GB 'bonus zone' data to download and watch some of the OnDemand programming, especially on weekends.


What am I doing wrong, if anything..?


Re: How do you disconnect Dish Hopper from HT2000w wifi?

Sounds like it has no internal setting for the connection setting like time and such. Since you don't want to lock it out by constantly changing the password the only thing that comes to mind is an outlet power timer.


You could hook the Hopper up to the timer to turn on and off when you want. Kind of clunky but maybe the only way.

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Re: How do you disconnect Dish Hopper from HT2000w wifi?


thanks for your reply..

I'm hoping that there is something within the dish settings (via the dish remote and my TV) that perhaps I'm just not seeing.

Most devices, cell phones, etc have an 'automatically connect to wifi' on/off option...I just can't seem to locate it within the Hopper's menu.


Re: How do you disconnect Dish Hopper from HT2000w wifi?

Sorry, thought you already researched all that and was asking for last resort kind of fix.


I'd research the Hopper and Dish forums/FAQs. It may not have settings to select connection time. In that case, only thing I have for you is a power outlet timer.

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Re: How do you disconnect Dish Hopper from HT2000w wifi?


sorry just now reading your reply..

No, up until today I hadn't research it..but like you, I did do some checking today via Dish, as well as some other websites and it doesn't look like there is a 'do not automatically connect' option available.

Upon initially setting up your Hopper via a router, it is designed to automatically connect to that same network anytime the Hopper is turned on ...

Obviously, if you change your wifi password, the Hopper can no longer connect until you manually enter in the new password.


After we initially switched over to Dish Network (we had DirecTV prior to that) I connected the Hopper just a few times to test it out, but not being able to disconnect it completely without having to change the password on the HT2000w I gave up and never bothered with it as I didn't want to be constantly changing my password when ever I used the Hopper.


I actually missed the season premier on one of my shows here yesterday and noticed that it was viewable via OnDemand so I was tempted to download /watch it during my bonus zone period.

I was just hoping that perhaps I had overlooked it in the menu settings nd thus I figured I would come on here and ask...


I do like the HT2000W modem though..

When we had DirecTV, we were NEVER able to get it to connect to our HughesNet service via our older HN9000 modem and seperate router, even though we could connect other devices without any issues...


I haven't had any issues at all connecting ANY device to the HT2000W modem...and the wifi menu and settings are extremely user friendly..even for a novice like me.


thanks again for your help...

I guess I'll just be changing the wifi password whenever I disconnect the Hopper to ensure that doesn't automatically re-connect by itself.


Re: How do you disconnect Dish Hopper from HT2000w wifi?

I'm sure changing the password is a major pain. Why not figure out the Hopper's MAC address and lock it out?

To do this:

1. Go to the Wifi Settings -> Advanced Setup -> Wireless -> MAC Filtering Table at
2. Add the 6-part bcd MAC address to the first open row

3. Enable MAC filtering: Yes
4. Access Rule: Deny
5. Go to the bottom and hit "Save Settings"

You may have to reboot your modem after this, as this sometimes gets stuck.

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Re: How do you disconnect Dish Hopper from HT2000w wifi?


sorry, I'm not sure I'm following..

If I were to do this, wouldn't I still have to go back into the wifi settings to 'unlock' the Mac address at any time I wanted to use the Hopper's features like OnDemand?


I guess for the time being I'll just dedicate the Guest 2.4GHz to the Hopper, and use the other 2.4GHz for all my other devices as those are set specificially not to automatically connect.


At least this way, when I disconnect the Hopper from the wifi and go through the usual steps to change the password for that frequency to prevent the Hopper from automatically connecting again, I won't have to update the passwords in all of our other devices as they will be connecting to the other frequency.


I don't plan on using the Hopper's features during my daytime service data hours (8am-2am) because I only have a 10G plan to begin with.

but I have 50G bonus zone data that is very rarely used (perhaps 2-4GB of data each month) so that would be more than enough data to download the occasion OnDemand program or movie.


I don't know why Dish doesn't just add an on/off option within the Hopper's internet setup settings or allow customers to choose whether or not they want their Hopper to automatically connect to the internet.

It's kinda like Microsoft, when they started forcing the automatic download of Window 10 Updates on users, not taking into consideration that there are still some of us that do have 'limited' data plans. They finally clued in though and started offering 'unmetered' connections even for those of us connected via one can only hope that Dish will also, eventually, add this too.


Re: How do you disconnect Dish Hopper from HT2000w wifi?


Good point. I thought from the discussion you wanted to make it semi-permanent.

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Re: How do you disconnect Dish Hopper from HT2000w wifi?

@MarkJFineand @BirdDog I did some more research on this topic, and according to Dish, "The On Demand content on channels 501, inclduings free movie titles found in the OnDemand library, and tv shows, have already been pre-downloaded through the Dish satellite, and only needs a broadband connection to order such content, not stream"


So let me ask you all this and get your input..

If the On Demand content is indeed already pre-downloaded using my Dish Satellite as suggested by the Dish support center, wouldn't any Hughesnet data used to connect the Hopper to my internet via the HT2000W built in router, be fairly small?


I was worried that I would use a HUGE amount of data downloading/streaming these OnDemand videos and other content that I've been wanting to watch, but according to Dish, most of the content is already if that's the case, I'm assuming that any data used to connect the Hopper to my internet via the HughesNet HT2000W built in router will be very small...being that I'm simply using my internet connection to 'order' this pre-loaded content.


or, is there some kind of double dipping here where HughesNet doesn't recognize the content as being previously downloaded and charges the data like any other data or streaming activity.


I guess one way to find out would be to try it and see what happens...I only have 8 days remaining in my cycle, so if I get throttled, it's no biggie.


Re: How do you disconnect Dish Hopper from HT2000w wifi?

All I can say is that's not true for DTV. All OD content requires internet connection to order and download it. None of it comes down the satellite.

That said, you can record a PPV movie on one of the Cinema channels and watch it later after paying online. But that's not really OD.