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Testmy login issue doesn't recognize my login.  I use my login credentials and get no errors. I'm taken to the site, but the site does not show me as being logged in.  When I run a test it runs it as though I were not logged in (digression: my speeds are slow.... the max has been around 13 -- no superfast Gen 5 here!).


I have tried a password reset request.  I send it in, get the link, reset my password to my normal password, and the site logs me in and shows me as being logged in.  If I log out and try to log in again, the same issue as before happens (the site does not see me as being logged in).  To get logged in again I have to do a password reset. This is tedious.


Using Windows 10, I've tried this on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.  Same thing every time.


Anyone else experiencing this?



Assistant Professor

The bad thing is there is no longer a compiled result for all testers on a particular ISP. If a problem I hope they get it fixed. Maybe they can't afford the server storage space.

Distinguished Professor IV

@BirdDog wrote:

Still issue with not recogonizing any HughesNet info. Wonder what changed and which side it on? 


It seems that it may be something related to it's detection of IPv6, and possibly IPv4.  If I turn off IPv6 AND Web Acceleration, it detects that I'm on Hughesnet, but if I only trun off one or the other, or neither, it doesn't.  Those two things suggest that it's at least not detecting IPv6 properly, but Corrosive also referenced an earlier thing mentioned by CA3LE that suggests it's not detecting IPv4 properly, either.  


Although this doesn't affect individual tests, it certainy is annoying when one can't compare to other Hughesnet users, which can be helpful in some instances. forum thread...


Perhaps if the thread keeps going on CA3LE will decide to investigate further.  As of right now, he seems to be convinced the problem is with the provider, which has been shown to not be the case.  

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